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Our art showdown contests gets a ton of traffic. If you would like to get high exposure for your website, sponsoring one of our contests is a great way to do it. Your prize and link will be listed on our official showdown page under the contest that you are sponsoring, as well as on our e-newsletter sent to over 5,500 subscribers every three weeks.
If you would like to have your banner included on the left side of all of showdown pages, we will do so if your prize is high in value or you donate a cash prize. The higher the cash prize, the longer your banner will stay up. 100% of the cash contributed will go to our winners. Contact me for more information.
If you have any questions about becoming a sponsor, would like more information or would like to sponsor one of our contests, you can contact Joe Barrouk at singular@asingularcreation.com.
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