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Eight Ways to Creatively Promote Your Art

Written by Kristen Clark - edited by ASC | Posted on Saturday, October 25, 2008

Creativity applies to more than just art; it also applies to the business side of art - generating sales. The appeal of art alone is not sufficient to generate the kind of "buzz" that increases awareness, consideration and purchase. Art needs promotion Ė creative promotion.

I am a collage artist, and I am but one among a vast number of artists specializing in this medium; the competition is great and ever growing. As a result, my challenge lies not only in creating unique and appealing collages, but also in setting myself and my work apart from others. In the absence of an agent, I need to promote myself and my work, and I need to do this on a daily basis. The reality is that no matter how good my art may be I still need to create my own "buzz." Fortunately, there are a variety of activities that can be easily managed in this effort, and those activities can be tailored to each artistís unique style and preference.

Maintain a creative and compelling web site

This will be your virtual showroom for potential buyers and interested parties. At a minimum, this web site should include pictures of your pieces and selling price, dimensions of your works and design elements, and your contact information. Also, your web site should be included on every communication piece you issue.

Generate your own promotional "buzz" and communicate it through a distribution list

Your promotional "buzz" should be generated and distributed on a regular and frequent basis, and should include announcements of new art pieces (directing readers to your web site for a preview), recognitions and awards received for your art, and a schedule of your upcoming shows. This is also a great place to communicate show specials, or preferred customer discounts.

Write and post an artist's reflection for each piece

The artistís reflection is a writing that communicates the inspiration for your piece, your design elements, and any creative symbolism. Such writings provide viewers with insight into the creative process, and provide intrigue for attentive and interested parties. Keeping your reflections posted to your web site will keep fans coming back to learn more about you and your work.

Feature your art in all of your communications

Order stationary that features pictures of your art, and keep pieces on hand and ready to send to prospective buyers, family members, friends, associates, colleagues, etc. Order sets of note cards featuring your art (with you web site printed on the back) to give as gifts to business associates and colleagues. Each time someone sends your note card for correspondence purposes, your art is exposed to one more person that it might not have reached otherwise Ė the intended recipient.

Donate select pieces to various charitable organizations for auction

This goes a long way in exposing your work to the community, the charitable organization, and that organizationís partnering affiliations. Be selective and support those causes that you believe in, and remember to deduct all donations made to non-profit entities.

Leverage associations for networking and collaboration on promotional opportunities and ideas

You might hear about a creative activity that you hadnít thought of on your own, and brainstorming with others can lead to creative and fruitful joint promotional fun.

Volunteer to speak at conferences and events

As a speaker, your bio will be made available, including contact information and your web site. You can also offer to host a demonstration, which goes a long way in showcasing your work.

Write an article for a supporting magazine or journal

When companies publish your article, they will often include your contact information and provide a link to your web site. They may even feature your art in their magazine or journal, and through their promotional vehicles you can reach an audience you might have not reached on your own.


Creating "buzz" means more than entering art competitions and applying for shows. It means exposing your artistic abilities to a broader audience and in a creative way. Iíve outlined a few ideas that have worked well for me. I suggest trying even just a few of the eight listed above, and remember: the need for creativity not only applies to artistic design; it also applies to promotional effort.

About the Artist

Kristen Clark is a successful collage artist, and the owner and founder of a small business and ministry. Additionally, she has spent 11 years in the marketing department of a Fortune 100 technology company, and her successes in business have aided her success in ministry and in her artistic endeavors.

To read about Kristen or to see some examples of her inspirational collages, visit her website at www.hiswitness.org
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