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After you submit your listing, you will be sent a PayPal or Google Checkouts invoice. Your event will be added once we receive payment, unless you would like to schedule a specific start date. If you would rather pay by check, you can request our mailing address, but be aware that this may delay the process a few days. This form may take a few moments to load. If you do not see it, please refresh your page. If you are having trouble with the form, or would rather not use it, please email your listing to Joe Barrouk @ singular [at] asingularcreation.com.
Your name, email address and phone number, from the submitter information part of this form, will not be included in the listing. They are for our contact purposes only.
Please enter the address of your gallery, or where ever the opportunity will be held. If this is an online opportunity only, please leave blank.
Please enter the date you would like your listing to begin. If you do not have a specific start time, check the box next to "all day". Then select the date you would like your listing to end. Next, please enter your deadline date for submissions, which will probably be the same date that you entered as your listing end date.
All of the information, from this part of our form and down, will be published to our calendar and made public. Please include as much information as you can.
For the Fields: "Opportunity Type", "Exhibition is Held" and "Medium", choose all options that apply.
The "Event image" field is for Premium listings only. If your event is not a Premium listing, your image will not be used.
In the "Notes" section, please include the text of your listing. We may edit it, if your text is too long or you included redundant information. Please do not use all CAPS.
Important: Scroll up the page after you click "Next" to see your listing details and to submit your listing.
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