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BeeTOL front wild

by techhobbit

BeeTOL 1. handmade, bee, insect, robot, drone, geek, art, sculpture,
From the Fruit Fly series (inspired by artificial fruit), BeeTOL 1 was the first Bee-style prototype of the series. BeeTOL, is taken from VTOL- Vertical Take Off and Landing, only its a Bee... BeeTOL!
BeeTOL 1 was designed, obviously, as a semi-autonomous, crop pollinating cyborg drone.
Unfortunately, the software got cross-pollinated with the Bee DNA doping, and the BeeTOL 1 had an exaggerated propensity for searching out, dipping into, and getting stuck, in the honey of any existing beehives. It was also rumored that the BeeTOL 1 would spook entire herds of cattle, sending them into a stampede of frightened, foaming, heifers. After half a dozen honey quagmires, the BeeTOL 1 was relegated to an agricultural petting zoo, which just didn't work out, and was finally decommissioned.

BeeTOL 1 is a strikingly attractive piece to look at. The Bee-style body is composed of two bright yellow lemons, close coupled with a rubber grommet, with black stripe graphics on the back. The dual wing pair are a unique bright red high impact rubber borrowed from the kitchen utensil industry.An extra set of control rods runs to the back wings. The landing gear is a design that emphasizes the claw feet and pollen baskets, they are spring and hydro enhanced. The front is dominated with large spherical "eyes", and a tuned sensory proboscis. No, the BeeTOL 1 does not come with a "stinger", as it has no natural enemies.
The main body parts are artificial lemons - the "orange peel" skin texture hints at the organic side of this otherwise high tech composite bug. The non-articulating legs and claws insure this unit won't roll off a shelf. Size is approximately 5" long, 5" high, and 7" wide.
He needs a well protected, loving environment, ...keep away from honey, and cattle.
Not a toy, must be handled with care.
Medium: found object
Size: 5"x5"x7"
Price: $245


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