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A new unique kind of art: Primitive Prophetic Art

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A new unique kind of art: Primitive Prophetic Art

Postby nightwatcher12 » Fri Feb 21, 2020 12:28 am

At one time i failed at everything I done. I could not do anything right. I had no gifts,talents,or abilities.I was a failure until God brought me from a life of homelessness,and despair to a life of a second chance. I endured many hardships through life,but God used those hardships to make me the man I am today.I was at a christian drug,and alcohol treatment center working as a staff member.One night I was lying on my bed,and a strange thing came over me.I couldn't move i couldn't breathe i was totally in vision.I felt as if my body was being bathed inside.I wasn't scared or concerned because what I felt was peace,and calmness within my heart.when I awoke that morning I got up,and headed to the chapel for prayer.After prayer I sat at the piano,put my fingers on the keys,and asked God to guide my fingers.I began to play the piano as if I played it all my life.I began to write,and draw about things I see,and hear.I started seeing peoples faces in my mind,and began to pray for them.during this change in my life I began to get scared of what I had become,and for a long time I ran from this change until one day i stopped,and finally yielded to the spirit of God,and accepted his love,and the gifts,talents,and abilities he had given me.today,because of God I am a totally different person. My lifestyle,and way of life became better,and God gave me another chance to begin my life again with him being first in my life.God blessed me with a home,a wife,and reunited me with family,and friends.Because of God I have many gifts,talents,and abilities,and use them to please him.(1 Corinthians12:8) satan,the old devil did not like what God had done in my life,and because of satan I was rejected,and shunned by many churches that could not see the change god made within me.they could only see my past.Despite it all I use my talents,and abilities in my walk with God,and in everyday life. God blessed me with a ministry distributing bibles,and tracts to people that approach me asking for a bible.I am nothing.god is all power,all knowledge,and all seeing. He did not make me perfect,but he made me a better instrement for him to use,and a better vessel for him to dwell in. I served under a pastor that saw something in me that would help his church grow in size,and lead lost people to Jesus Christ. I served under a executive director that see what I had become,and brought me into the fold of his ministry,and God used me to minister to many recovering drug addicts,and alcoholics that were learning to cope with their addictions.Of all the things I treasured in my walk with God are the teachings of Bro Kirt R. Rick Jr,and the ministry of the church he pastored,and Bro.Gary bentley executive director of teen challenge .they saw the best within me,and God used me to lead may to Jesus Christ,and I give God all the praise,honor,and glory.after a lengthy time God inspired me to go home to Coushatta Louisiana,and start my life over.God has given me a second chance,and my walk with God is much better now because god cared enough to restore me body,soul,and spirit.If God can restore me he can restore anyone who will yield to his spirit,and give God their all.God can restore you if you will just ask him.

"Prayer for Restoration"

God,wash me on the inside that I will be restored to be the person you want me to be in Jesus name I pray amen.

By: Bro Carl L. frye,Artist/writer/motivational speaker Picture of one of my pieces of artwork included.
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