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Postby rips10 » Tue Oct 09, 2007 4:09 am

knowledge of perspective can creat three-dimensional effect in one flat space.The natural phenomenon of perspective is if any object gets awayin distance it start looking smaller and when the same object comes closer it statrs looking bigger.In a vast feild while seeing far away we find the sky meeting the ground,this place is called horizontal lines get higher or lower according to the plan of sight.Perspective can be divided in to three types as=1)Linear perspective
2)Circular perspective
Linear perspective is if any object goes farther in distance it becomes smaller in height and width.In it the picture of the object is kept in such a way that both sides and the top can be visible.The line shows the heihgt of the object that is nearest to the eyes and it is seen the biggest.While the side which is farther is seen smaller and the third one that is at the farthest seems the smallest except the height of the object,all the lines parallel to on the sides,when increased in distance seems to meet at the horizon.
in Circular perspective all the circular lines tend to become more circular when raised above the eyesight.One both sides of the eyesight if the object is placed at an equal distance the ovals on the both the side's look similar and these ovala while moving away from eyesight becomes samaller.
Any still life picture does not look beautifull and realistic till the colores are filled in it.Color shows the comlpleteness and solidity of object.The effect of light and shadow have to be created carefully while putting colors.color should be dark where light is not falling and where is light falling directly
color supposed to be
ight on that side.In the oppsit side of the light the shadow of the object must be created,Close distance should be more clear and visible in a drawing and far distance should be light and not that much visible.
Lastly most important element in drwing is point of view.Small objects can be drawn without measuring them But when many object have to be drawn in a picture the right proprtion of there relative sizes must be known to make an effecttive picture.For that first of all a plan should be made of the picture whether it is from up or down or side viw.Plan of the picture can be made from any sides but the vertical lines must meetin one poin.Which is the poin of view of the picture.
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