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Nickles On A Dead Mans Eyes

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Nickles On A Dead Mans Eyes

Postby johnsmetalsculpture » Sat Jul 15, 2017 10:52 pm

Hello, My name is Anthony. 70 years old. I live in Georgia. And when I was young. I did the Georgia things I guess.
Me and Ronnie met at Gordon High School in 1960. We were both in the 8th grade. We hit it off right away. We were both loners. We would walk everywhere. their wasn't to much to do.
But we like to fish and camp out. And we would go down to Clifton Springs a lot. Clifton Springs was kind of a big swimming pool. With kind of a sandy beach. We would look at the girls
in their bathing suits. Their was also a bowing alley and pool tables. We really never had any money. But that didn't stop us from having fun. And we like to hang out at the show in
East Atlanta. Sometimes, when we could get a way. We would go to the Drag Strip. A couple of times we would steal a car. Ride around, drink beer, and look for girls.
In 1964 I was 17 years old I think. And it was the Summer of 64. June I think.

Me and Ronnie was up in East Atlanta. Not really East Atlanta. It was kinda like a small town outside the city of Atlanta. We had walked there from Ronnie's house about 10 miles away.
We were just hanging out. It was around 11.00 or so. The movie show was just letting out. And I got an idea. I said to Ronnie. You know I bet they keep money in there somewhere.
Maybe they keep it upstairs. Maybe in a safe or something. Ronnie said, Yeah, And it could be 5 or 6 hundred dollars. I said here's what I'll do.
I'll walk in there. And go to those double doors at the back. You know, like the ones at school. They are in the back right across from the girls bathroom. They lock from the inside.
And you can't get in if they are close. I will slip a paper or something in the door. And will be able to get in from the outside. Well, I went in while people were coming out.
Went to the back doors. put a piece of a popcorn box so it wouldn't lock. I seen a light switch and truned off the small light. And slip back out the front doors.

Me and Ronnie went across the street to the Jacons Drug Store. Sit at the counter. Had a Coke. Waited for the Show to close.
When we seen it was close. We walk around in back of the show. It was nice and dark. Ronnie said, wait, there's a car parked there. We walked a little closer. There was no one
in the car. So we walked on by. We walked up to the double doors at the back of the show. We push and pulled. But the doors were lock. Ronnie said they must have checked them.
So much for that caper. So we started walking back to the street. Then I stopped. Ronnie said , What is it. I said what about that car parked over there. Ronnie asked, What about it?
I said, Let's steal it. Take a ride. Ronnie said, Let's do it.

We walked up to the car. It was a new car, 61 0r 62 Chevy. And we were in luck. The keys were in it. And the doors were unlocked. Well, Ronnie got behind the wheel.
And I got in on the other side. Away we went. Ronnie said, Boy, This is a nice ride. Auto and all. And it's got a full tank of gas. Never rode in a car this new. Daddy has a 48 ford. 3 on the
wheel. But this car is supper nice.
We took off for Atlanta. We seen an old drunk man on the street that wanted a ride. So we stop. He got in the back seat. He ask after a time. What are a couple of boys like you doing
driving a car like this?
I said, It's my mama's car. He said, Right young buck. And my mama give me a bath and save. I said, well you know old timer. Man said, Yeah I know.
So he told Ronnie to pull over and he get out here. As he got out, He look back at me and said, You boys need to look out. Poor folks for like us. Things can go south real fast.

So we rode all though Atlanta. Down Peachtree and around Buckhead. Let the rich boys see us. Show off our new wheels. Maybe pick up some girls. They'ld go for this car.
So we were riding like two rich boys. Then I seen something in the seat. some kind of paper or something. I picked it up and looked at it. It was three 20 dollar bills. I said dam Ronnie,
we got 60 dollars. That's more than daddy makes in a week. Lets go to the Cook & Chicken and get a hamburger. And maybe find a couple of girls.
We drove to the Cook & Chicken. Pull in the drive in. Ordered our hamburgers and coke. We sat and eat and talked. And then Ronnie felt something at his foot. He reached over and
picked it up. It was a wallet. It had $120.00 in it. Ronnie took the money out and though the wallet in the back seat. Now we had $180.00.
Ronnie said, You Know, We don't ever have luck like this. Something not right. I said, Let's get the hell out of here. Let's drive to a dark street. I want to take a look in that trunk.
Why do you want to look in the trunk? Ronnie asked.
Because like you said. Something not right. So we found a spot to park. We got out, walked in back of the car. Ronnie stuck the key in. And open the Trunk Lid.

In the trunk was the dead body of a man. It looked as if he had been shot in the head. He had a suit and tie on.
Me and Ronnie just stood there and stared at the dead man. And without a word. We closed the trunk lid. And got back in the car.
1st thing Ronnie said. If we get stopped, I'm gona floor it. I said let's drive out to Rockdale County. Nothing but woods out there. They'll never find this car.
There's a 1000 dirt roads in Rockdale. We'll drive a long way down one. And then drive as far as we can into the woods. I said.
We cover the car up with limbs and stuff.

As we drove out to Rockdale County. We talked about how we had fell into a trap. That somebody had killed that man. Put him in the trunk. Knowing that
some fool would seal this car. So tonight we were two fools. Ronnie said, Maybe we just should park this car. Wipe all our finger prints off it. And leave it.
I said, No, We don't want this car ever found. So we drove on to Rockdale county.

We found a good olded dirt road. We drove down it about 5 miles or so. No houses, No nothing. Nothing but tall Georgia Pines. We drove into the woods a long way.
We parked the car. Covered it with limbs. It took us about an hour to walk out of the woods back to the dirt road. About another hour to walk back to the main road.
It took almost the whole day to walk back home. We told our parents. We spend'nt the night camping out.
Me and Ronnie went on with our life. Ronnie said, I feel sorry for that man. And for the people that care about him. I said, Yeah, Me to.
We Never did talk to much about that crazy night. The years rolled along. And Life went on.

Ronnie was executed a week ago. I will be executed tonight. We've both been here at Jackson State Prison, On Death Row for 20 years.
32 years after me and Ronnie left the car in the woods. They were building new houses. And found a car with a skeleton in the trunk.
Me and Ronnie had wiped our finger prints off the car and wallet. But we didn't wipe our prints off the trunk lid.
The police did not believe our story. And we were convicted of killing that man.
Ronnie once said to me. We did something wrost than kill a man. We stole from a dead man.
And that's like stealing nickles off a dead man's eyes.

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Re: Nickles On A Dead Mans Eyes

Postby Singular » Sun Jul 16, 2017 6:53 am

Always liked your stories John. I see you have a new username and account. Did something happen to your old one?

all the best,
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Re: Nickles On A Dead Mans Eyes

Postby johnsmetalsculpture » Sun Jul 16, 2017 1:51 pm

Hello Joe, Nice to hear from you.
Something happen to my old e-mail address. And I didn't remember the password. So I just made another one. And I think I'll keep it.
It kinda makes things new again.

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