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Postby Raranda » Thu Nov 13, 2014 5:36 pm

An action-packed VAMPIRE THRILLER FEATURE FILM is seeking art to feature on merchandise that will be sold to help fund the film! Selected artists will receive a cut of profits from EVERY product sold that features their work!

SEEKING: your best artistic interpretation of
A) A winged, super king vampire beast

B) 2 FBI badges abandoned, ruined, or obviously belonging to agents gone rogue (ie: engulfed in flame or debris), one must be intentionally scuffed or damaged in defiance and the other somehow smeared with or covered/drizzled in blood.

C) An elderly but not physically disciplined monastery monk wielding a scythe, rosary & bible, facing or at peace with impeding engulfment in a "great evil" shadow.

D) A cloaked feminine figure (young adult) with hood up, shadowing face, wielding or armed with as many of the following as possible:
-sharp wooden steaks
-small silver crosses loaded into a holster/pouch
-vest with vials of holy water loaded into bullet loops
-wound up rope
-messenger bag
-an axe
-an heirloom sword that can be pulled into two parts or used as one
...either in a heroic pose or dispelling a vampire via stake through the heart or removing the head, or riding an old WWII motorcycle.

E) The famous "Hunter" family sword that can be pulled into two. It is generations old and a relic of legends but not unfit for ass-kicking.

FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN a merchandize deal with Hunter: Vampire Killer, receiving a cut of profits made for every product sold that features your art!

You're welcome to submit for any or all options but we are limiting 2 entries per option and no more than 5 entries total.

3 winners will be selected.

Contest ends November 31st!
Submit your entries to StarparkStudios@gmail.com

You kind also find these contest details via Deviant Art or the Official HVK Facebook Page (where you can also see the current entries)!
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Re: FEATURE FILM merchandise deal ART CONTEST

Postby ehoeveler » Fri Nov 14, 2014 10:22 am

What Fun! Renee, Thank you for the call. E
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Re: FEATURE FILM merchandise deal ART CONTEST

Postby Raranda » Sat Nov 22, 2014 6:05 pm

I hope people are inspired to give it a shot!

Thanks for the opportunity to share contests!! <3
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