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Queen Sheba on board of Lorraine

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Queen Sheba on board of Lorraine

Postby Derexbrown » Fri Apr 14, 2017 4:29 am

The three representatives of the French painting in the seventeenth century, Poussin, Lorraine and Diocai, have a common and interesting phenomenon that they are almost all spent their lives in Italy, both to the Italian art, but will Their French national characteristics penetrate into the artistic creation, which has a direct impact on Italy, while they represent the highest achievements of the French painting. Why did they leave their homeland to go to Italy? On the one hand, of course, the art of Italy has great appeal, on the other hand because France in the mid-seventeenth century, the monarchy is very strict rule, the court to promote the luxury of Baroque art and "painting must be decorated services", which makes talent Of the artists deeply bound, they yearn for the freedom of artistic creation, they have to go to Italy.
Lorraine to Italy, then have his own special experience. He was formerly known as Claude Chonai (1600 ** 1682), was born in the French town of Chalmany, is an orphan, for people to cattle. At the age of thirteen he followed a group of cooks to Rome and became servants of the painter Agusto Darcy (1580 ** 1644). This accidental chance he touches the painting. Despite his low level of education, his perception of painting talent is very high, in the Western painting when the show shows rare rare talent. He later went to Venice, Munich, also returned to the motherland, in Lyon, Marseille lived a short time, later returned to Italy, settled in Rome, his life. The following are the same as the "
This is not a high degree of education of the painter how to live in the painting it? Mainly because of his landscape achievements, with a unique artistic style. He is straightforward and enthusiastic. If the landscape of Pusan (the chief representative of the seventeenth century French painting) is the result of the great power of nature and the mountains and trees as the ideal as a natural force, then Lorraine is famous for portraits and harbor views , His paintings like a classical atmosphere filled with quiet music. Lorraine's paintings often portray the Greek and Roman classical buildings, quiet and deep; at the same time, he is very much in pursuit of the role of light in the landscape, the use of light changes, so that the picture is full of vitality, at this point, Landscape painting are inferior. This piece of "Sheba Queen on board" to fully demonstrate the above characteristics.
The historical theme of this painting is not important, but it is a topic of landscape painting. According to the Bible, the Queen of the Kingdom of Sheba in the tenth century BC, when Solomon ascended the throne, led his hand to congratulations and went to inquire about the wisdom of King Solomon, who was finally married to King Solomon. The painting depicts the scene where the queen is on board to congratulate. This is actually secondary, mainly the performance of the magnificent ancient architecture and bathed in the dawn of the vast sea view. Lemon-colored sunshine has not yet broken out of the clouds, but gave the clouds and the water set with a Phnom Penh, the water shiny scales, fresh and pleasant atmosphere of the sailing parked on the shore people surrounded the Queen walked down the steps, ready to board. The whole picture is quiet, stable, full of classical poetic, worthy of the "imagination of the landscape painting" in the masterpiece.
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