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  • My Real Name george john docherty III
  • Location: Bulgaria
  • Age: 59
  • Occupation: Tea-boy for the Revolution & Coronation programme seller
  • Interests: Remaining conscious
  • About Me: N/A

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by ehoeveler on Sun Jun 29, 2014 3:14 pm
Dear George; We all wish you a Happy Birthday and
hope you'll be celebrating another year as a creating artist.
Take care, and Enjoy. Where are you,now!?
Ehoeveler and everybody at ASC
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by ehoeveler on Sat Jun 29, 2013 12:51 am
Happy Birthday, George!!!!!
I know you'll have fun and party with your pals (in Spain?)
I'll burn one in honor of the day. E
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by ehoeveler on Sun Feb 24, 2013 1:52 pm
Why George, How nice!
My addy is: 702 Fairhaven Blvd. Stockbridge, Ga. 30281.
Oooh, I'm excited - what RU up to, these days?
Haven't seen anything lately from ye! E
User avatar
by ehoeveler on Sat Feb 02, 2013 6:11 pm
Hi, George; Your writing is fabulous so I went ahead and added
Everything to what I'd already written. Joe might do some word-slashing
but hopefully not. You'll see your write-up sometime next week, OK?
Again, thank you so very much. E
User avatar
by ehoeveler on Fri Feb 01, 2013 2:25 am
Glad you like it! I think it covers most bases but I really
love your childhood reflections and why you became an artist.
It mirrors so many of our own feelings about how we got started.
If Joe doesn't mind waiting a day or two, I'll add.
I notice that with your latest postings, you seem to be going a
different way - is this what you were hinting at, earlier?
Would you like to talk about that, a little? E.
User avatar
by ehoeveler on Fri Feb 01, 2013 2:13 am
It's OK, George; I wrote the article and I think it looks alright.
Here's a copy - I also added images mentioned in the feature.lemme know what you think.
""For the month of February we'd like to feature George
John Docherty III also known as thecorderoyegg, his ASC name.
I was struck at first by a sense of humor that seems to
run through a lot of his work starting with 'St Louis the IV,
Patron Saint of Hairstylists'. When I see this painting, I get a feeling
that the 'saint' is based on one overworked hairstylist who is
not afraid to air his grievances! 'St. Louis' is enamel painted on wood,
where Docherty makes lovely use of the wood's creases to create
a 'beatific ray' look to the halo and pleating in the 'icon's' garment.
I think most will agree that the colors and symbols used in this painting
at least resemble those used in your traditional icon pieces which
give this work an aura of loveliness as well as wit.
More absolute favorites of mine include another enamel painting titled
'Baba Stoyanka', of an elderly Bulgarian woman. I told him that she is the
best looking granny I'd ever seen. George responded with a funny remark
about the dental health of many of the Bulgarian villagers - let me just
say that hopefully no other villagers will be reading this article or his
response to my comment on 'Baba'.
Certainly Docherty is an talented painter but it doesn't stop there.
A self-proclaimed 'Recycle King', he loves to create sculpture from
objects that can be found in the trash or by the side of the road as evidenced
by 'Boulder bones', an homage to a favorite painter of his by the name
of Antoni Pixtot who is a noted contemporary of Salvador Dali.
Two other recycled favorites are 'Sperm' and 'Man Ray'. Both works are
well-crafted and styled with household items used in a spare but evocative way to
give us a laugh or simply to let us enjoy the forms.
Also, I can't leave this feature without mentioning 'Bukowski', a 2-D
wall piece using stained wood cut-offs in a beautifully-fitted mosaic style.
My take on this fairly large mosaic - 3ft. by 4ft.- is that it's basically a huge
male head reminding me of an evolved Marcel Duchamp.
This artist is, in my opinion, a diversely prolific painter and sculptor using
different mediums like soft stone, glass and metal - all recycled.
As well, he creates marvelous illustrations. It is definitely worth your time to browse
through Docherty's gallery - there is much to see and admire.
George Docherty is a Scottsman who likes to see the world and is now living in Bulgaria.
He attended the University of Edinburgh and since then has used his travels, his
eye and his talent to give us some of the most warmly humorous and beautifully
creative art this particular viewer has seen in a while."
User avatar
by ehoeveler on Thu Jan 31, 2013 3:26 pm
George, I found Zippola on my FB, your FB (I made a friend request)
and your other sites. Will have to pull something outta
my -ss unless you send me Something, lol!
The Farmer John picture from your site will not suffice!
Have a fabulous day, E
User avatar
by ehoeveler on Wed Jan 30, 2013 4:00 pm
George, it continues to amaze me
that you don't realize just how gifted you are.
I'm so glad I 'caught' you now, while you still have
that 'humble' attitude, lol!
Yes, please, let me get your bio - where you went to school,
what got you started as an artist (what made you decide to create),
where you've shown your work, how long you've been creating (any
'breaks' and why) and finally your attitude on what makes, in
your mind, a good artist. The members will especially love that,
I think. Thank you so much, George. Could I possibly get your
info by tomorrow at the latest? We want to feature you for February.
If you're hard-pressed, I can wait a couple of days longer.
You can send the info to 'comments' or 'personal mail'.
Thanks again, George and have a great day. E
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