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[REQUEST] Transatlantic Tunnel

Permanent Linkby jaimibradley on Tue Mar 23, 2021 10:23 am

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The transatlantic tunnel would be a big investment for those involved. It requires enough funding since it has a big potential of opening and speeding up the volume of trade between all areas where it will pass. It involves complex engineering works especially in construction of long tunnels below and above the sea bed. It would also require immense coordination of activities between the various personnel from different disciplines that would be involved in the project. The project would also require impact assessment so that any risks and dangers can be avoided.
The construction of the tunnel from London to New York would be a revolution in the transportation sector. It would create opportunities in the transport sector since it would be the preferred form of transport for most cargoes and passengers. This is because the high speed of the train that is approximated at 5000 miles per hour would reduce the time it takes to deliver cargo from Europe to America and vice versa. It means that most of the bulk and heavy cargo transported through the sea, where it takes a long time like weeks or months, would now be transported within hours to the destination.
The transatlantic tunnel would also increase the use of electricity instead of fuel powered engines. This is because most fuel sources are getting exhausted due to overreliance on them as sources of energy.
It is also possible to carry out evaluation works on the impact natural calamities such as earthquakes would potentially have on the long-term viability and success of the project. This is because the occurrence of such a tragedy may create problems especially if it occurs when the tunnel is being used by trains.
The stability of the submerged tube raises questions due to buoyancy that may come as a result. A high speed train requires a stable track, because any slight obstruction may lead to serious consequences in the form of injury and damage to the infrastructure like rails. There are also questions on how long it would take to conduct a rescue operation in case the train breaks down. This is because the tunnel is thousands of miles long, and it would require a lot of time to remove a damaged train so that it can clear the track for others. The safety of the passengers and capacity to provide emergency help is also questionable.
Another security matter that should be looked into is analyzing the impact of a heavy bomb that blows off inside the train. Such a bomb would damage the train and the tunnel. Damage to the tunnel will make emergency work difficult and almost impossible. This would mean that rescue operations would be difficult to conduct considering that the bigger part of the tunnel is a vacuum.
The engineers and other professionals involved in designing the project would also be required to indicate how repair works would be done for the track. This is because the tunnel which is thousands of miles long has no air and is a vacuum. This implies that no human being would repair the track without prior and complex arrangements. This is because it is not possible for people to work in vacuum. If the concerns on the project are resolved, the transatlantic channel project would be the best investment for a long time. This is due to the many benefits that it would bring to the economies of most countries in Europe and America. It would also increase employment levels in areas where it starts and ends i.e. London and New York since other towns and cities would use such points of contact to transport their cargo.
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