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[REQUEST] What Three Things Motivated You to Start College?

Permanent Linkby stacycolins on Wed Mar 10, 2021 10:30 am

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I have selected this topic as it is always interesting to look back at own decisions and think again about the motivations and reasoning behind your choices. I like the process of realization of the actual reasons and stimuli for my choices. The ideas one has at the present usually differ a lot from the arguments followed in the past when making a particular decision. Entering a college is an important step, which has influenced my whole future life. It is not just a few-year-change, but something more significant than this. Therefore, I would like to look back at the motivating factors I had and compare them with my present ideas. It is interesting to see which hopes came true and which have not yet. This glance into the past will give me an understanding of what has changed in my life and what remained the same.
These are a few major reasons why I have chosen this topic. When trying to look into the past, it may be difficult to recollect the details of what had happened at a particular moment of life. Some things become forgotten; some memories get blurred, and some things are impossible to recount. Nevertheless, there are pictures of the past that remain vivid for many years. The brightest moments (either euphoric or extremely sad) can be recollected at any time. Unfortunately, the period when I made the decision to start college is difficult to recall. Therefore, it took some time to remember the details. However, I have managed to remember all the feelings I had, people that were around me and the significant influences. For the moment, I can more or less surely say that I have recollected my motivations.
Honestly speaking, for a long time, I did not think about the reasons why I should or should not start college. There only existed an idea of going to college. It did not feel like a choice, but it was rather a definite future that I was ready for. However, as it happens with many others, I have entered the age of doubt. I tried to question people around me, authorities, and even the purpose of life. It was, probably, the first time when I started thinking if I had and should go to college at all. I started thinking that college was not related to finding a purpose in life or being successful. In fact, there were so many successful people that did not go to college or had not graduated. Luckily, after a while, I have decided that I would continue my education.
I should, however, note that I did not make a decision about entering a college in a moment. It was rather a long period of decision-making. Some reasons I followed where childish while others seem too adult from my present perspective. Firstly, I wanted to experience the atmosphere of college meet new people and encounter different surroundings. I hoped that it would be a new page of my life, which consequently came true. Secondly, I realized that I enjoyed studying and gaining new knowledge. The process of learning and exploring new things fascinates me; and college seemed to be the best place for it. Thirdly, I must admit, there was an anxiousness of looking into the future, and college seemed to be an option to bring stability into my life. Although it has not brought much stability, it gives me time to set my priorities and get a deeper understanding of my interests, strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, looking back at my past, I think that entering college was a good choice. I enjoy this life of a college student.
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