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[REQUEST] Breaching Social Norms Experiment

Permanent Linkby daniellewatson on Fri Jun 19, 2020 3:17 am

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It took me a great deal of time to think over the social norm I can easily violate without harming myself and the feelings of other people. The main difficulty was to choose the norm for violation so that it was neither too severe nor too imperceptible. At long last, I decided to violate the norm of public behavior, the idea of which was to talk to strangers pretending to be their best friends. There is a popular thesis that people usually do not engage into a conversation with unknown individuals just to talk about things that are not of vital importance to the both. Of course, modern society is not a hostile environment for its inhabitants and people still can ask for help at the street when being lost or having some troubles. However, most of us will probably get confused being treated as a friend by the unknown person.
To tell the truth, I am not a very communicative person that is why I believed that with the help of this exact kind of violation I would manage to kill two birds with one stone: to do the assignment and to develop my communicative skills. That idea contributed greatly to my self-confidence. I realized that in any case the experiment would have a positive effect on me. Nevertheless, I felt a bit scared before engaging in the norm violation. Most of all I was afraid of people’s negative reaction. I even thought they would take me for a madman. But the decision was already made, so there was no turning back. I calmed a bit and took the challenge.
My first day of the experiment can hardly be called a successful one for I was not prepared enough for a friendly talk with strangers. Every time I tried to engage somebody into a conversation I realized that I did not feel myself comfortable. Something deep inside prevented me from doing the task properly. A lack of experience – that was the very reason for misfortune. However, after some period I managed to get into a character of a friendly stranger.
The reaction of people towards the norm violation was diversified. Several young people first seemed to be a bit puzzled and then tried to recognize me and respond to my remarks amicably. In such an amusing way I found new friends among the objects of my experiment. On the other hand, most of the middle-aged individuals took my positive intentions with a great deal of hostility. They answered, ‘Sorry, I do not know you’ and simply pretended they did not hear me. To tell the truth, I felt a bit depressed when facing the reaction of ignorance. It was quite naturally to expect that sort of behaviour but still I did not appreciate it. There were also people whose feedback was neither positive nor negative. They answered my questions but in a reserved manner. Fortunately, there were no cases when somebody shouted on me or just managed to hit my feelings.
It should be mentioned about the casuses, which took place during the experiment. Once walking through the park I approached a young man, gave him a bear hug and said something like, ‘Hello, darling. Yesterday I saw your sister walking through the park. By the way, haven’t seen you for ages, let’s go to the disco party tomorrow and dance like in the great days of old’. Unfortunately, I did not notice a girl standing by him. At once my ‘companion’ became large-eyed and frustrated. The girl was looking at me with a feeling of indignation and hate. I understood my mistake and the consequences it might lead to. There was nothing to do in the situation but to apologize for my fault. I explained to the couple that the young man expressed the image of a friend of mine whom I had not seen for a long time. The misunderstanding seemed to be clarified.
Other amazing moments happened to me when I decided to complicate the task. After I had mastered the communication with strangers I faced with the problem of lacking new reaction patterns. Simple communication seemed to be not enough to attract people’s attention. Thus, I was urged to try something more effective. After a moment of hesitation, I found out that a fine kiss on the cheek at the end of the friendly communication or even without any words spoken was the very thing I needed. The victims of the experiment were chosen exceptionally among the males. Most often I performed the task in a bus a minute before it reached my point of destination so that I could kiss a young man and escape at once. Once I mistimed and my scheme was completely punctured for I could not leave the bus when it was a high time. It was in this way: I noticed a handsome boy and when the bus was about to stop I kissed the boy. Of course, he did not expect such course of events and looked at me as I was mad. After a minute of hesitation, the boy said that he was not single and had a girlfriend. The reaction did not surprise me for he seemed to be very conscientious and thus faithful to his half. However, the reaction of other people was more interesting. Some passengers were surprised with such a dare action of mine but did not have a negative attitude towards me; others, especially older women, explicitly condemned my behavior.
In conclusion, it should be said that the benefit of the experiment cannot be underestimated. It helped me to enhance my knowledge about interpersonal communication and contributed to the understanding of human psychology. I found out that most people do not treat strangers as enemies and will not turn away if an unknown person talks to them. This finding can be interpreted in the way that the humans will heartily become friends to anyone who behaves with them in an amicable way. However, not all people respond in the same way, which proves that all humans have different behavior patterns and thus different reaction towards the same situation. Talking about my own experience, I should admit that it was a surprise for me to discover that in the course of time I was involving myself in the communication process with a great deal of enthusiasm. I think that I will continue this practice in the future because during the period of experiment I found new friends and hope to find some more.
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