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[REQUEST] Culture Shock

Permanent Linkby Markus Owen on Wed Jul 03, 2019 8:30 am

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Coming from the country of contrasts, I would state that Cuba is the best place on earth. However, visiting another ‘civilization’ has made me experience the culture shock. Therefore, the objective of the following paper is to share my feelings related to the culture shock while I have visited Miami, Florida, for the first time.
I have moved to this wonderful city at the age of 21. It was a challenging time for me, as it was something very different from what I have seen in Latin America. Even though I had an open mindset, I have faced a culture shock. The reason is that it was not simply something different from I have used to. However, it was me facing the land of diversity as well as an ethnic mixture. When I have first stepped out from the airport’s territory and took a bus to get where my rented apartment was, I felt speechless and scared. The matter is that everything was so huge, and I looked so small in the world of giants. Millions and millions of different nationalities’ representatives have been running somewhere to get the things, which have been on their personal agendas, done. Another issue that have shocked me that everyone was in a hurry. In my country, I have got used to doing things slightly slower. Thus, Miami was shocking me with its outstanding architecture of skyscrapers and luxury.
The other thing that has impressed me occurred during my walk near the seaside. I have been enjoying the view of Miami. I have seen many fit and beautiful people. Thus, it was another aspect of a cultural shock for me. Throughout my life, I have barely seen so many individuals with shiny teeth and friendly smiles who looked like models from the magazine cover. For the second, I felt ashamed. Unfortunately, I did not look like them and felt envious, as I extremely wanted to be similar to people that I have observed. This world was entirely different to me. Nevertheless, I have also understood that I wanted to become its integral part. In Cuba, people seem to be more ‘natural’, with bigger shapes and curves on their bodies. On the contrary, each person in Miami was perfectly fit and skinny. I would state that I was anxious as I looked different and somehow uncomfortable in the world that was not similar to mine. However, I also knew that I had to adjust and become an important member that can bring value to the American society.
I would like to mention that I have experienced different stages of cultural shock. The first one was my visit to Miami. However, next second it has become obvious to me that I have faced the brand new world and environment. For a couple of minutes, I have felt that it was a wrong choice to leave my native country. Nonetheless, then my confidence has come back to me, and I have started the new life in the USA.
In conclusion, I would like to state that it is never easy for non-North American individuals to adjust to the life of the USA straight away. It causes stress, high level of anxiety, less confidence, and even disorientation. At the same time, all these symptoms can be overcome with time. People become more confident than before. Therefore, their level of social adaptations grows to help them to adjust to new realms of life in another country.
About The Author: Mark Owens is a talented freelance writer at specialessays. He depicts his thoughts on the paper sheets.

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