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A Singular Creation provides a free online venue to showcase your art and photography. There are absolutely no fees ever. You can create and manage your very own gallery with unlimited albums, or use it as a space to host your images and share your photos with unlimited uploads.

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In order to participate, you must register at our community forums. Here is the link to register.

Log In To Gallery

Once you have successfully registered, you can log into the gallery here.

Create New Album

The first step in creating your gallery is to create albums in which to place your images. You can create as many albums as you wish.
  • Start by clicking the link that says: "Create / order my albums" (click for demo)
  • Next, create your new album by clicking "New" (click for demo)
  • Finally, name your new album and apply changes (click for demo)

Modify Album

Once your album(s) is created, you will then be able to modify your album by changing the album title, adding a description and keywords and setting the album permissions. You can even make the album password protected if you want.

Upload Images

You are now ready to start uploading your images.
  • Start by clicking the link that says: "UPLOAD FILE" (click for demo)
  • Next, browse your computer for files, or type in the url (click for demo)
  • Then, select the album that you want to place the image. Make sure that you select one of your "Personal albums" and not one of the public albums or it will not be included in your gallery (click for demo)
  • Finally, add whatever information about each image that you wish, such as: title, description, keywords, medium, size and price (click for demo)
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