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Thousands of artists and photographers come to A Singular Creation on a regular basis. Why? Because we offer a great product - we are honest - and we care. We don't hide our content for only paying members. Anyone who comes here will have access to our entire site. So your ads or listings will be seen. And we do not lie about our traffic or make claims that we get a million visitors per day. But what we will say is that our traffic is better than our competitors. And in most cases, by a landslide.

What We Offer

Opportunity Listings: We offer basic, plus, premium listings and dedicated e-blasts for your calls to artists or any other art/photography opportunity. For more details regarding our listing options and eblasts, click here.
  • Basic Listing: $20 one time fee (per listing) - Listing will remain up until its deadline (maximum - 1 year)
  • Plus Listing: $25 for 1 month | $40 for 2 months | $55 for 3-5 months | $70 for 6+ months (max 12 months per listing)
  • Premium Listing: $35 for 1 month | $50 for 2 months | $65 for 3-5 months | $80 for 6+ months (max 12 months per listing)
  • E-Blasts: $90 (Includes a 1-month Premium Listing)
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Testimonials - Here's What Others Are Saying

"First of all - I need to say I entered our info on your site as a test. We used several sites advertising photo competitions before, usually with little or no result. But to my surprise, we noticed visible traffic increase thanks to listing on your site. It does work! I only regret we found your site so late. Next year, we will want to use your site as #1 place to be listed."
- Derek Galon, Director, ozonezonebooks.com

"Richeson75 International Art Competitions has been using A Singular Creation as an essential, economical component of our online marketing efforts for several years, to our great satisfaction. The staff at ASC is professional, knowledgable, and creative. Recently, we have added e-blasts through ASC and have seen quantifiable additional entries to our competitions because of them. I can confidently recommend A Singular Creation and look forward to a continued relationship with them."
- Terry Stanley, Director, Richeson75 International Art Competitions

"A Singular Creation is a great site and has been very helpful in promoting exhibits at my gallery. I never do a show without including A Singular Creation."
- Tim Slowinski, SlowArt Productions

"We have advertised on the A Singular Creation website for the last 2 years and have been very happy with the results that their site has provided to us in advertising and promoting our monthly online themed art competitions. In addition, Joe Barrouk, the owner is great to work with and he has always been very responsive to all of our requests. Overall, we would recommend A Singular Creation for anyone who wants to successfully advertise their art event."
- John R. Math, Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery

"A Singular Creation is one of our longest standing outlets. They are a pleasure to work with and we get great results. Joe is prompt and precise and always follows up with helpful stats and information."
- Lizzie Kardon, Community Outreach Manager, See.Me

"Over the past few years (2010-present) Joe has developed a highly engaged community of artists, organizers, and art lovers."
- Dave Bown, Dave Bown Projects

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