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Call For Artist Recommendations

Post your upcoming shows/exhibitions or any other art related news concerning you that you would like to share.

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Call For Artist Recommendations

Postby rhknigh » Tue Apr 16, 2013 10:48 pm

Calling all admirers and supporters of Tanya Davis ' creative talents:

We are building a profile which tracks recommendations which is a very valuable tool for her now and moving forward.

Please, if you can find a minute and give her a review, it would be greatly appreciated.

Just click on this link, thanks!

I went ahead and did the 1st recommendation. So nobody has to feel funny about being first :)

See what she has here in the gallery on our profile, and also at tanyadavisart.com

For a personal touch feel free to view this interview vid, I am not sure how many of you saw this in her intro thread since it was added as an edit:

Rebecca Knight, representing artist Tanya Davis & author of a blog celebrating creativity:

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