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4 ways to get in "The Zone" when making Art?

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4 ways to get in "The Zone" when making Art?

Postby R_FordIII » Sat Apr 09, 2011 1:05 pm

What is the Zone? It is a flow of energy that while you're in it time seems to slow down, pieces fall into place effortlessly, strength and motivation seem endless and be sure you never want it to end. This is what sport icons such Micheal Jordan or Peyton Manning go into while doing what they love. Thoughts about this or that are cut to minimum and you are living completely in the moment. Ever wonder how people reach this level of consciousness? Read on and I will tell how I've achieve it a few times.

1) Meditation

Clearing the mind through meditation helps to get the creative juices flowing. It removes all the mental garbage you gather just living on a day to day basis. Meditation gets you to the zone faster because like the blank canvas you're working on, your mind becomes blank as well or at least less cluttered. This helps you focus on the project your are about to tackle with little to no mental interference.

2) Music

Music gives you a chance to raise your energy level and acts as a stimulate. It should be used before you start your project but I have found that it's best to work in silence to get a direct stream of creativity (This may differ from person to person or project to project depending on your personality or the type of effect you're going for in your Art). Overall music is an excellent way to motivate into the zone. I like Hip Hop or Reggae to get me going but to each his own. One word of warning is that musician are strong artist in their own right so be careful not to let the music influence your art unknowingly unless that's the effect you're going for.

3) Exercise

Yoga, running, weight training, dancing or just about anything that challenges your physically is good for you in general but especially to get you in the zone. Physical activity makes you stronger and gets your blood pumping, also it releases hormones called endorphins. Endorphins allow you to to feel a heighten sense of power and control over your mind and body for an extended amount of time. It has been called the happy hormone and can save you lots of time when you're working through decision making process involved in creating art.

4) Conversation

Whether you're chatting online or in person at a coffee shop a positive exchange of ideas is a powerful motivating tool to get you into the zone. Constructive conversations creates powerful synergistic energy that changes or affirms thoughts you had swirling around in your head and
ings them to life! This gives you confidence or adds to the confidence you already possessed that you are doing exactly what you intended to. One thing be careful of is being over influenced during exchanges. As an artist you have to maintain your originality to some extent so it's important here to know and understand what you believe in unless the new ideas you are presented are really so ground
eaking that you ditch all thoughts of what you doing before artistically. The key here understanding what it's going on.

Overall getting in the zone will get you from A to B a lot faster. It will be fun creating whatever it is you create and allow you to enjoy the full process of making art from the initial idea, production, completion and exhibiting. One stimulate I would not advocate while making art or trying to get in the zone is drugs, unless of course, you want the drug to make your art for you! (caffeine is an exception to the rule :-)

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