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Urban Legions Needs Artists!

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Urban Legions Needs Artists!

Postby PegamooseG » Sat Apr 18, 2009 10:56 am

When people play Urban Legions (UL), an online role-playing game of super heroes and villains, what they see is the hard work of two friends who have spent gobs of time, a lot of serious (and not-so-serious) discussions and a little bit of money.  Phil and I would love to embellish the game by adding artwork.  Unfortunately, neither of us consider ourselves very talented in this area, and can't really
afford to hire anyone to provide artwork. And so, we are asking the artistic community for help by donating artwork to the game.

What do we have to offer the artistic community in return? Mainly exposure and experience. We appreciate any artwork submitted
and look forward to using your work in the game. This is a great opportunity for your work to be seen by an ever growing audience.
When you contribute artwork for Urban Legions:
(1) Your name and website will be listed in the About-Us page as contributing artists.
(2) When used in an event, your artwork will appear at the top, centered under the title and above the body of accompanying text.
(3) The image will be a link to open a new
owser window directly to your website.
(4) A by-line will be presented below the image, which can be associated with a link to your online portfolio.
(5) And, of course, although we ask to use the images in-game, we believe all rights remain with the artist.

Players will experience events multiple times over the course of the game, advertising your work many times. Not only will the pictures
expose your art to the public, it will be
anded with your name and weblink.

Already, we have several artists interested in contributing not only for the experience and exposure, but simply for the practice. Art placement will be presented on a first-come-first-serve basis, much like filling the empty walls of a gallery. The more you submit, the more exposure for you and your

There are a couple of simple requirements:
(1) The image is between 200x200 to 400x200 pixels in size.
(2) Nothing too abstract. The image should compliment the accompanying text without the need of interpretation.
Other than that, we are open to suggestions and are willing to work with you.

If you or someone you know might be interested, email us at info[at]urbanlegions.net or send us a note via our Support page.

As much as we look forward to watching the Urban Legions community grow, we also look forward to building a bigger, better world to explore. 

Thank you!

Doug (aka PegamooseG)
Urban Legions
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