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Creative Mind Project - design citiperk

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Creative Mind Project - design citiperk

Postby CITIPERKCORPORATION » Wed Sep 19, 2007 2:15 pm


Special Offer For The Creative Mind
Now until Sep 29, 2007, we’re accepting drawings/paintings from people who would like to help design the interior of the new Citiperk Coffee House’. This is an opportunity for everyone, not just for people who enjoy coffee. Invite the whole family to help you design the interior, your design may be used as the actual " PERMANENT " interior design of the Citiperk Corporation. You must submit your design by Sep 29, 2007 to be eligible for the Creative Mind Project. One drawing will be selected and displayed at citiperk. NOTE: Draw/paint tables, chairs, book cases, art gallery area, sofas, plants, register area, book trade center. Approximate 1700 SQF. DO NOT CREATE LOGO OF CITIPERK CORPORATION! Our logo is lettering only [ citiperk ] in black. Please include [ citiperk ] within your design. If a logo other than the one specified here is included in your work, design will be dismissed. Thank you.

This is an equal opportunity for everyone. All drawings will be viewed by the board. Drawing ability, age and race will not be a factor in determining the winner of the creative mind project. One drawing will be selected based on color selection and overall style and unique ideas. All ages welcome to participate, design may be jointly created by up to 6 people [ family etc. ]. Under 18 requires parental permission. US Residents only. Selected design will not be returned. Drawing will be displayed in citiperk permanently along with the artists name/s. Create your design and mail it in without folding. Engraved stone required [ clients will look for your stone as a major contributor when they enter Citiperk ], if you are not a contributor [ purchased a stone ] your design will be void. Offer ends 9.29.2007.

Color Pallet - Use the color pallet on this page or on our web site to select colors for your design. Please do not use any other colors. Photo copy your design or print a copy 8.50 X 10.00 or 8.50 x 11.00 and mail it. Originals will not be accepted. If selected, we will request the original be sent to Citiperk. Original will be framed and hung as well as become a permanent fixture at Citiperk and will not be returned. Copies will not be returned. Thank you.

If you have any questions, PLEASE do not hesitate to email us - sales@citiperk.com

citiperkcreativemindprojbanner.png (122.53 KiB)
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Postby DLKeur » Thu Sep 20, 2007 11:10 am

Let's see. Normally a company utilizes the services of an architectural firm or interior design specialist, and pays a handsome fee. And this company is soliciting with a "payment" of...what? :roll:
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Postby CITIPERKCORPORATION » Thu Sep 20, 2007 4:29 pm

Thank you for your reply.

Compensation comes in many forms. Although the artist who presents their design will not receive any monetary compensation from Citiperk, the reward of having their design both displayed in Citiperk [ artist will receive a great deal of exposure ] as well as the Citiperk Interior modeled after their design is a reward in its self'.

The whole idea of Citiperk is to welcome artists with plenty of opportunity and exposure. We've invited not only artists to design our interior, we've asked all participants [ artists and non-artists ] to invite family members and children to help design our interior.

The intent of our post is' to give both artists and non-artists the opportunity to design our interior. We are not asking the participant to have a degree in interior design nor a degree in art. We're not asking the participant to pick out sofas, plants or coffee tables [ all of which have already been selected ], we're asking the participant to " paint, draw or color " on canvas or paper how they would envision our interior. An example would be; One drawing submitted by a registrant - she painted on canvas
own' white rimmed light fixtures hung low above our cream and sugar bar with dark chocolate sofas and one green arm chair. She painted two sided book shelves [ for our book trade center ] that contained both dilapidated and new books. She painted large
own, green and burnt orange blank paintings that hung above the internet center. She painted both low and loft style ceilings that contained art for sale. She painted a narrow hall way that led to the gallery within citiperk that peaked a small view of a black and white canvas.

Above is just an example from one of our partisipants here in Utah. This is not an opportunity for us, it is for the community.

Thank you again, Citiperk
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Postby DLKeur » Thu Sep 20, 2007 4:59 pm

I'm sorry, but what you are doing is soliciting at the expense of the amateur or wannabe artist(s). And you are holding this "contest" as a way to promote your enterprise. Further, interior designs in all commercial enterprises in any modern country must be designed to fulfill the requirements of that country's commercial building safety standards and regulations. That's why firms do them, because the designers go to university, get degrees, and must keep up with all the standards and regulations, then work the aethestic designs around these parameters.

I say this is a no go for anyone and everyone. Anyone here besides Citiperk think I'm wrong and am too critical?
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On behalf of Citiperk and i...

Postby CITIPERKCORPORATION » Fri Sep 21, 2007 11:50 am

Thank you for your reply,

Actually no, we're not holding this contest as a way to promote our company. We're simply seeking ideas for our interior. We're not asking the artist to paint a picture of the location of our fire extinguishers or emergency exits. We're asking " only " for color coordination and design ideas. AS IN' the participant would paint a style based on personal preference. We could select an interior to suit us but, isn't that the whole idea, to make the customer feel comfortable and welcome?

As for code violations and regulations.. a painting that illustrates an interior style such as islands, retro or modern has absolutely nothing to do with safety violations, standards or regulations. We've been in business a long time, we're familiar with code and internal violations. Our contractors and other affiliated interior experts await a board selected interior style from a participant so they may mold the Citiperk interior feel to meet the personal preference of the artist " and community ". This is a genuine project with genuine possibilities! We hope that all artists [ participants ] welcome the idea of adding this project to their portfolio and keep an open mind, negativity will only keep you from expressing a great piece.

Further more, I don't think the artists in this forum appreciates you calling them "wannabe artists". And, if you read this forums headline you would notice it says [ Art Contests / Call For Artists ].

This opportunity is a very unique one and we hope everyone will have some fun with it. Whether you're in-between pieces or simply looking for a new project to add to your portfolio. We're looking forward to seeing your ideas.
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Postby DLKeur » Fri Sep 21, 2007 4:03 pm

I'm not calling the artists in this forum wannabes or anything less than quality artists. I am calling you out for soliciting art and design ideas for no just compensation.
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Citiperk Artist Scam

Postby artprints » Mon Mar 03, 2008 8:30 am

I signed up to be a part of the citiperk gallery. I paid them 25 dollars to have my work listed on their website and in their Utah coffee House. Their website has been down for some time and everytime I go to the Citiperk site, There is something different going on and I am no longer on there. I have written them an email some weeks ago and never received a reply.
Citiperk if you are listening. you have no right to keep my artwork anymore and I want confirmation that all my originals and information have been deleted from your site and your coffee house!!
I am a full time artist and this is my lively hood!
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