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Composition Question...

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Composition Question...

Postby Pooch » Mon Oct 16, 2017 6:08 pm

I'm painting scenes from around the area I live in. So many beautiful spots. This one is right at the entrance to our development. Anyway, the question. Remember, it's a work in progress. My wife says that the bush closest to the foreground is distracting. I agree with her, sometimes, about my work. But not this time. I could be wrong. Is it? I don't want to change the scene on one opinion. The bush is therein real life, but that doesn't mean it can't go if need be. Opinions are welcome, please.
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Re: Composition Question...

Postby CarlOwen » Mon Oct 16, 2017 10:24 pm

Good evening Joseph. The bushes on the left destroy the balance in the painting. Cut them down and remove the cut down limbs from the painting. Your wife is correct.
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Re: Composition Question...

Postby davideo » Mon Dec 11, 2017 6:18 pm

Hi Pooch. I sure do not agree with Carl or your wife, at all. Since they are there, and that is what you are seeing and painting, why on earth would you remove them? They look just fine to me. If you took them out there would be nothing left to " balance" but a lateral line of distant trees. Unless that was your objective, ( and apparently it was not), " stay the course"! As an old friend once reminded me," You are the artist".
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Re: Composition Question...

Postby victorvector » Fri Jun 29, 2018 4:21 pm

I don`t think there is a right or wrong answer to this.

The painting should draw the viewer into the picture.

This short video explains one artist`s approach to composition .

I hope it may be useful to someone.

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