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forest pond of Ruizdar

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forest pond of Ruizdar

Postby Derexbrown » Mon Apr 17, 2017 4:34 am

Dutch painting in addition to genre painting, as well as landscape painting. The landscape of the seventeenth century Dutch landscape is a great influence on the history of the world's painting. This painting is known for its typical natural scenery in the Netherlands. It is a great influence on the later British landscape painting. The The author of the Dutch landscape painting in the seventeenth century was like a large group of painters. But the highest achievements, and later for the European landscape painting a model of the great painter when pushing Solomon Ruizar, Jacob Ruizar and Hoberma. Solomon is Jacob's uncle (one that is his father), but the achievements and influence less than his nephew, Hobei Ma is Jacob's outstanding students.
Jacobs Ruizdal (1628 ** 1682), born in the west of the Netherlands, the sea of Harlem, hometown of the sea, the field of his influence, so that his beauty of nature has a particularly sensitive sentiment. He became a painter under the education of his uncle Solomon, and became a self at the age of twenty.
From 1657 onwards, until 1681, he carried out his artistic activities in Amsterdam. He has been to Germany, and from youth to travel to the Netherlands. He has made great efforts to explore the magnificent storms, the raging rush, the dense forests, the low-lying swamps, the cloudy sky, the Dutch mill and the windmill, and then poem them on the screen. The biggest feature of his painting is to love the natural feelings of natural depiction of nature, to show the beauty of nature and poetry. His landscape painting with magnificent composition and fine description of the length, writing solid, simple colors, sometimes with Rembrandt's dark and dark law to express his deep feelings of nature. Therefore, his landscape has a deep and tragic excitement of classicalism.
Ruizdal's life has painted more than five hundred landscapes, of which the tree is the theme of the majority of the painting. He thought that the magnificent towering trees, posture of the ancient giant trees, with extraordinary charm. He wants to draw their personality and feelings. This forest in the reservoir "is the tree as the main body of a forest song.
And look at this picture, every tree, trunk, leaves are fine to describe, light and shadow in the dense grove spilled around the pond, quiet, crushed and dense. The pond is very quiet, though it is a pool of shallow water, but it seems unpredictable, because the painter put it in large tracts of trees, there is no reflection of the smooth side of the reason. In this rare forest, suddenly there is a white dog from the pond through, toward the distance, breaking the quiet of the woods. The whole picture, full of poetic, seems to be away from the earth of the other world. But in the foreground we saw two withered oaks, one down, one end immersed in the pond; the other had broken scars. All this makes the audience see the "people" who did not appear - the "result" of the man who destroyed the nature. The painter here, through the poetic picture of the destruction of the natural behavior of the implication of the implication.
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