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Postby the_geeky_artist » Thu Feb 16, 2017 9:42 am

This was a comic book character concept. Nothing has ever come of it yet, this could be possibly the cover for issue #1, should it ever come to life. He was just an average mail room clerk by day. But one too many paper cuts, or abusive customers and Larry Lickenheimer looses it! His suave demeanor and charming looks fly out the window! He bulks out, his head cartoons and UZIs appear out of nowhere!

The original line work was done on Microsoft paint. Colors and details added by hand later. Mixed ink medium on paper. Markers, colored inks, crayons, colored pencils and some mild ink washes (ok, actually something spilled on it, but it made for a nice effect where it happened at, on the "envelope" that is filled with bullet holes.
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Re: Postal

Postby REX A.B. » Sun Feb 26, 2017 3:20 pm

Takes guts to ask for the fury- so here it is...

You have nailed the composition- excellent use of color and line placement. Not everyone can understand making super charged picture and understanding the aesthetic of placing a red next to a brown- gold- Heightened skills right there.

You are advanced at one of the hardest parts of art which is where to place objects in relation to each other and you even add the difficult addition of text placement. Its exciting, full of energy and vigor and also gives proof of some lack of technique ability. Clearly, with a few tutorials on marker blending on youtube- better yet a class you can take- you will be able to render the ideas in your head exactly how you imagine them- your holding yourself back and can advance if you learned a couple easy techniques.

Thats why we keep learning right? HONE those skills- YOU have a natural skill which is backwards- because for I think most artists- your nailing the super hard concepts and simply need to learn how to execute your drawing in a better skilled manner and then look =- out- your art would lift off too new heights....

What you are blowing my mind about:
Negative space
FONT Design-

OK - please try one area at a time or however you learn best and focus on bettering these skills and then you could be a serious contender in the Comic book world?, Movie set design? DESIGN, Conceptual anything...Fulky functioning paid artist!!!!

1.) LEARN HOW TO USE WEAPONS OF CHOICE- If you love marker medium- learn that it is not just a -take cap off push around on paper tool- it is SO MUCH MORE_ i.e.: depending on how you lay down your ink- small circular marks (keep making tiny circles without lifting pen time consuming motions that reveal smooth images of edge free panes of glass- or in short jerky movements that creat motion like the feel of waves or gritty fabrique- before I draw something in colored pencil, I block in the shading with five Grey Markers and maybe black then draw on top of it - the grey make a base tone so I don't have to use as much color pencils but mostly it created a new level of depth and richness to my picture- You want your end piece to have light- and texture and depth- Why do some paintings have a frothy wave and the lightest light looks so bright in comparison to whites around it- thats because of what is underneath the paint- /color you see on top- plus marker acts as a vehicle to make my pencils act more like ink-- your markers/pencils /crayons even do way more than you think- remember what they are - crayons =wax how many ways does wax react to paper- melt- mesh with other chemicals in paper- ink- is chemicals that react to alcohol - -heat- cold- layering wax- trust me - you will be surprised look up: Marker techniques on youtube

2.) HUMAN ANATOMY- If you know whats under the skin the where and why- your figures will look anatomically correct from skinny people to fat whatever- you need to understand the human skeleton and the muscle tissue- so you know why you draw dents where- it will make your people look REALISTIC and create 100% better COMICS/Cartoons

3.)Shading- See his pants- Understand where highlights go anyhow the edge of a shadow merges with light (highlights) _ DO you know what color shadows are? Learn about shadows and your pictures become 3D

4.)Remember what to keep- I would keep this picture the way it is - learn how to make his body look more real with shading technique, learning how to get the most out of your markers and pens- (remember when your French grey or Navy Pen dries up- carefully pull the nib (marker tip) out and fill the cavity with 78% rubbing Alcohol and put the nib back- let it sit for five minutes and (Always on its side -don t store markers standing) and then your ready to draw again)

5.) ALWAYS sign and DATE your pictures - MAke it easier for people to collect it and identify it and yourself to know right away who made it- Protect your art - no matter how lame - SIGN AND DATE EVERYTHING!

Lastly- GO to ART STORE - bring 8 bucks tops- go to your favorite weapon aisle, i.e.: MARKERS find the highest price open stock markers- Good choice: 1 - 20% FRENCH GREY - Not black - you want to work with a neutral because once you learn how blending colors works you will realize what an awesome tool grey is in the marker world- once you get home- use it - don't be afraid to use it because it was expensive- see what pro materials feel like- get one piece of $5 paper- start realizing your art is only as permanent as the support you create it on- all my pizza box portraits are gone- because made of cardboard- decide you have to be interested in ACID FREE- ARCHIVAL- - look at what your drawing on-

Your killing it- KEEP LEARNING so you can RENDER The ideas in your head as best you can- your art is ready to move to a much higher level, So unleash yourself- your shackles are your fundamentals- YOUR ALREADY a NATURAL at what is the HARDEST PART FOR PROS- you owe the world a little study time!

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