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Would you liked to start your own business someday?

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Re: Would you liked to start your own business someday?

Postby Singular » Mon Apr 30, 2018 8:25 pm

Well I guess it depends on the type of business and who will be doing the work. Starting your own business is always tough. What did you have in mind?
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Re: Would you liked to start your own business someday?

Postby Kivan » Tue May 01, 2018 9:46 pm

Yeah, I want to start my own company connected with various art in future, however I don't know at all when I can so this because starting a business, especially a successful one isn't an easy thing at all :( You need to find a really interesting and competitive idea because there's such a great competition now almost in all spheres, and also a sphere where that competition isn't too great and won't cause a fail to your startup. Other important things are good, qualified work team, network for your partners and clients, effective management system and using various tech innovations https://idapgroup.com/blog/deeper-dive-progressive-web-apps/. Oh, and advertising, it's a very necessary thing too, without investing much money in it there's a great risk for fail too. And yeah, you'll need to have a start capital for all these things because together they'll cost really much money and you'll be able to get good profit only after several years at least. Patience and hard work are important things too.
Personally I'm not ready for this at the current moment but maybe in future...
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Re: Would you liked to start your own business someday?

Postby alexblack » Wed May 16, 2018 5:15 am

There are no people in the world, who do not want to earn money. I believe, that the same situation is with the cyber field of business. There are different various ways of monetization. However, the main problem is the fact, that the beginners do not really know what to choose. That is why we are willing to enlighten a moderate list of the most popular and widely used technologies of the apps’ monetization. https://artjoker.net/blog/how-do-you-ma ... om-an-app/
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