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Why create handmade art?

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Why create handmade art?

Postby oneforart » Sat Sep 26, 2015 1:33 pm

We are living in a time where it seems that our natural artistic creativity is being substituted by computer software. It doesn't matter these days if you can create art or not. The software will help you. However in my own opinion today's art technology is one way that is killing our artistic capabilities as an true artist's. What do you think?
Using the computer as an artistic tool can take away your own artistic individuality for example: Everyone can easily recognize artworks by Albrecht Durer or Peter Paul Rubens because of their own individual lines, colours, contours and ambience of that the artist wishes to create .This can only be truly expressed by trial and error by finding the true colours and images of the artist initial intention of his/her works. You can never make a truly detailed line like you can by hand because you are restricted with true flexibility, movement and thickness. Again what’s your view regarding technology changing our old methods of working.
One of my handmade drawings
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Re: Why create handmade art?

Postby CarlOwen » Sat Sep 26, 2015 1:53 pm

Ever read about John Henry the steel driving man? How about the Emperor's clothes? And of course, my favorite about why the army reduced the lowest I.Q. level of 98 as acceptable for admittance into the military. We live in a brave new world.
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