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The Flying Rainbow Lasagne

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The Flying Rainbow Lasagne

Postby auroraborealis » Mon Mar 02, 2009 12:30 pm

I am an artist working with sacred shapes of energy in the universe. You are invited to view my artwork and learn more about The Flying Rainbow Lasagne at my website:


here is a
ief overview:
The Flying Rainbow Lasagne and The Mysteries of the Universe

The Flying Rainbow Lasagne is a seemingly-impossible shape which I invented during my visionary journey coming into this world in 2001.

It is "seemingly" impossible because, much like a Mobius strip, it is a shape which only has one side.

The Flying Rainbow Lasagne is a solution to a geometric puzzle: the outside surface of one half-cone becomes the inside surface of the next half-cone.

Ordinarily, the outside surface of a shape and the inside surface cannot interact, so a little ant walking on one surface could never get across to the other surface.

By stretching a surface into a Flying Rainbow Lasagne shape, it becomes possible for the little ant to go from the insde surface to the outside and back again.

The Flying Rainbow Lasagne is a visual representation of the combination of spirit and matter, or the inner and outer worlds.

The Flying Rainbow Lasagne is the "key" to combining the nonphysical and physical aspects of our bodies, thereby unlocking our potential ability to transform outer reality with our thoughts.

This combination of spirit and matter corresponds to a change in the shape of our strands of DNA, from linear to circular.

What supports this change of shape is the influence of another dimension, one which can be visualized as the negative space within the Lasagne sculpture and which may be called "spirit".

By dancing in parnership with Spirit, a person in the physical world can transform not only their physical body but also their perception and experience of physical reality.

Just as our understanding of the existence of the 3rd dimension informs our visual perception to interpret a 2-dimensional square as a 3-dimensional cube,
so too does our expanded understanding of a new dimension in the universe cause us to interpret physcial existence in a new light.

The Flying Rainbow Lasagne is an answer to the question of how to die without dying and achieve mastery over the physical realm by instantly
manifesting thoughts, thereby unlocking the potential within Human Beings to be Spirit Beings.
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