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Forum Rules: Read First!

Show off your art related web site here. If you like, you could even ask for some feedback if you want to know how it looks or what could be done to make it better?

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Forum Rules: Read First!

Postby the_pm » Tue May 23, 2006 1:01 pm

Hello Everyone,

There are certain rules of conduct that should be followed when posting new threads and responses within a critique forum, and I wanted to take a moment to review some of those here. Most of this is common sense, but since we're not common people, it can't hurt to play it safe and spell things out :)

The purpose of this forum is not to beat up and bash each other. If someone asks for a review and there are elements of their work you do not find agreeable, feel free to express your opinion. Feel free to express it strongly, if you feel you must. But always do so in a constructive way. Comments like:
That sucks. What were you thinking?

are unnecessary, inappropriate and rude. Comments like:
I think you missed the boat with those colors. That mauve evokes a sharply contrasting emotion when juxtaposed with the primary burnt orange and lime theme. I'm guessing this contrast was not the effect you intended.

are constructive and good. Of course, if you like nothing about a design, constructively say why. If you like everything about a design, give kudos as due. Be honest, but be polite.

As for reviewee expectations, remember this: reviews are never personal. You are having your work critiqued, not the quality of your character. Use these reviews as an opportunity to become a better designer, and always acknowledge the value of other's opinions when they give them.

Finally, it is important to note that Web sites are a blend of artistry and technical expertise. Every site requires a different blend of the two, and artistic value is based to the greatest extent on the needs of the site subject. Always consider the context of the site when reviewing its artistic value, and do not be apprehensive about evaluating its functional qualities as well as its visual presence.

Enjoy the review forum!

Paul H.
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