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fraternity of Sato

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fraternity of Sato

Postby Aronhill » Fri Apr 14, 2017 4:39 am

Andre del Sarto (1486-1530 or 1531), is the last representative of the Florentine painting school of the Renaissance. He was formerly known as Daoyao, who was born in a well-known tailor's family, known as the "Sato" (meaning the referee). He was sent to a gold and silver jewelry craftsman in his early years to learn art, but because he loves painting, he went to Caiximo (1462-1521) studio painting. Caesimo was the famous painter of the time, cultivating the influence of Satori great monk painter Bartolomio. Sartre was in Caiximo, influenced by the brother, and deeply worshiped Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo. So his works can be said to inherit the cause of Da Vinci and others, with a unique dignified and elegant classical style. In 1517, his creation into the mature period, the most famous works of this period is "the holy world of Apielia". In the spring of 1518, he was invited to the French court at the invitation of King Langs I. There, in addition to creating a large number of portraits, the creation of this piece entitled "fraternity" masterpiece. In 1520, he returned to his hometown, into the peak of art, the most famous of which "holy heaven" (1530, for the Pitti Palace) and "the last dinner." The depth of the previous painting with its superb color and shade shows the profound foundation and unique charm of the Italian classical painting. The latter painting is considered to be almost comparable to Leonardo da Vinci's "Last Supper" because of the remarkable effect of the composition's excellence, the subtlety of the hue and the contrasting effect of light and shade.
Sato's "love", and translated as "kind". It is characterized by the mother and three children, from the subject matter, is the world's most common life scenes. Mother holding two children in the arms, one in the sucking, one is going to eat, the other in the knee, bent over his arms to look forward to my mother. The whole composition is triangular, completely traditional classical style, appears to be stable and solemn. But the child's attitude is different, pleated flow, very soft. But this picture of the world between the mother and the child was reminiscent of the Virgin and the angels. Although the mother is not so solemn and holy of the Virgin, but since since the Raphael since the Virgin is full of human flavor, and this piece of "love" because of its classical style, people feel easy to contain in the secular paintings Religious sentiment. However, the success of "fraternity" is not because of its classical flavor, it is not exactly the image of Da Vinci and Raphael, but in its gentle and harmonious colors. The light from the left side of the light, so that the mother and the child's side by the light, the painter to pondering the color to show the image of the light and shade conversion, especially in the child's body and mother's folds, the profound performance of the Sato Of the skill, which is the artist inherited the Italian classical style of the outstanding example
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