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Cana's Wedding of Venezuela

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Cana's Wedding of Venezuela

Postby Aronhill » Fri Apr 14, 2017 4:37 am

The most glorious artistic achievement is his series of works that use the biblical themes depicting the grand, lively banquet scenes. "Cana's wedding" is one of them. The painting is a large-scale decorative painting by the painter for the monastery of St. Joergo Marjorie in Italy, drawn from the story of the Bible, talking about Jesus and St. Mary and the apostles in the canal of the Jordan Met a family is holding a wedding banquet, the owner invited them to participate in the wedding banquet we drink, then drink light, and Jesus will be the altar of water into a wine, we continue to drink joy. And the "feast of the feast," the same, the creation of this theme is also far from the religious content, he can, can be said to be "presumptuous" to play their own imagination and interest, the Bible story painted in real life The grand banquet scene. In the paintings of the contemporary buildings of Venice, nobles, businessmen and musicians, in these happy people also painted the Queen of England, Francis I, painter Tianyi, Dingtuo Lai Tai and the painter himself. It is said that Venezueles came to Venice, he found that people here are not pursuing religious piety, but the pleasure of life, so he interested in these lives on the screen.
In order to show the grand scale of the wedding, the painter will design the banquet in the open air, so that the use of space without scruples. He will be divided into three levels of the crowd, fully demonstrated the far depth of the scene. The first level is the guest and the attendant musicians and attendants who sit on the seat with Jesus as the center. In order to reflect the theme, the painter will arrange Jesus in the middle, the apostles to the eyes of Jesus, this part is still some religious atmosphere, in addition, they are drinking the carnival crowd. Queen of England and other European monarchs are sitting in the table, they wear colorful clothing, adding the wedding of luxury and lively. The painter Tintoretto holds a red stick and a European monarch chatting, his front is wearing a yellow dress, his hands holding the wine altar of the waiter, the combination of these actions to strengthen the picture of the dynamic. The painter painted himself as a musician, and showed the instrument in the band. The second level is the crowd after the railing, the crowd's action is more intense, and some even climb the pillars. The third level is the crowd standing on the balcony of the building. The whole picture has a total of more than 130 people. In the silver-gray tone of the background, more than 100 characters of the colorful dress more jumping, so that you dazzled, fully demonstrated the grand and lively banquet.
The achievements of Venezuela in painting, especially decorative painting, are enormous. His paintings have a brilliant color and a distinctive perspective, constitute a dazzling effect, for the later seventeenth century Baroque painting is very far-reaching impact. However, his paintings on the human heart and emotional depiction is not enough, but also only the surface, the appearance of the painting, the lack of internal strength.

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