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St. Egenez of Ribera

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St. Egenez of Ribera

Postby Derexbrown » Fri Apr 14, 2017 4:31 am

At the end of the sixteenth century, a painting was created in Valencia, Spain, which hit the Spanish painting with realistic paintings and influenced the Spanish art of the seventeenth century. It is the main representative, is called the master of the outstanding painter Husser Ribera.
Ribeira (1591 ** 1652), when he left his country to Italy in his youth, after most of his life was spent in Italy. In the birthplace of this Renaissance, he has inherited many famous painters, the results of many benefits, so that he became the first half of the first half of the Spanish painting the most brilliant representative painter. The paintings of the Italian masters gave him a wealth of nutrition, especially Caravaggio's greatest influence on him. But he never step by step to follow the Italian masters, but determined to use their own brush for the Spaniards in the European painting on the fight for honor, won the status. Sure enough, Ribeira was successful. The little big painter was not only recognized by the Italian Naples as a leader, but also in 1626, won the title of academician of St. Louis of Rome.
Ribera has a wide range of subjects, myths, fables, customs, religion, he is involved, and religious painting is the most important. His religious paintings are different from the general place, lies in the painted characters, mostly martyrdom saints, or tortured biblical characters. Through the tragic character of the characterization of the artist to the hearts of the ideal heroic image. In his pen, those saints are strong character and full of spiritual strength of the characters. At the same time they are often a true portrayal of the people of society. Therefore, art historians are very profoundly pointed out: Ribera, but with the help of religious themes, in essence, is to use the true image of the human world to express the painter's love and hate, so his religious painting has obvious secular factors. Such a religious painting in front of Ribeira is not common in Spain.
"Saint Egene Si" is such a secular religious painting masterpiece, which was created in 1641, is the Riberian art reached the peak of outstanding works. St. Egenez in the Christian legend is the Roman era of Christians, that era, Christianity is illegal religion. Egainis declared that she had no love but had no love to marry him This caused the suitor's crazy anger, to expose her to Christianity, the result was thrown into prison, sold prostitutes, she was so martyrdom. The picture shows the scene when Egnius was put into jail, and she was kneeling on the ground and praying devoutly, and the gods sent down the holy garments and covered her naked body. It is said that the painting of Egini is the author's own daughter's image. She is petty and delicate, but not afraid of rape. Ribeira draws the saint, not so much a godly devotion to God, as it is in praise of the Spanish faith and a fearless spirit. The whole picture, simple, powerful, character image of nature, without making. Bright and dark relationship, with color rough, but soft.
But also in the holy atmosphere showing an elegant and lyrical traged
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