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My own personal anime style

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My own personal anime style

Postby mikemontalvo » Sun Feb 23, 2014 2:01 am

I wanted to try to do a few pictures using Anime style but my own style has seemed to work its way into what I have created. I kind of like it. Hope you do too.
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Re: My own personal anime style

Postby jenn_iam » Sun Feb 23, 2014 3:20 am

She's nicely done, like the shadow play on the ground. It works for balancing the negative space, however it doesn't align to your apparent light sources.
It's minor for the standalone image however would be a necessary detail in certain applications. :)
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Re: My own personal anime style

Postby Symphoneus » Sun Feb 23, 2014 12:51 pm

To mikemontalvo,
I've been working on something similar to this (Disney not Anime, but I've been taking in many Japanese influences)
One thing to always remember about "anime style" is that the "Anime" is short for "Japanese animation" and therefore "Anime Style" really is just "Japanese cartooning".

The reason why Anime Characters have big-eyes is the reason why Loony-Toon Characters have big eyes. Eyes are very empathic.

The reason why anime characters have simple / small noses is to save on animation time / centralize focus on the eyes / allow for easier animation of facial expressions.

Many anime characters are androgynous.
This makes life easier for the animator (many similar looking characters are easier to draw than many different looking characters),
It increases the general appeal (easier for certain men to relate to female characters / easier for certain women to relate to male characters),
And helps with targeting your audience (androgynous characters normally appear younger, while Anime [in America at least] is normally targeted towards a younger audience or towards the "inner child")

(Partly because of the androgynous thing...) Dimorphic traits are very overblown.
"Muscular men" are VERY muscular, with broad shoulders. Their eyes also tend to be smaller (more violent looking).
"Attractive women" are also very overblown, with huge hips, huge breast, and a very slender waist . Their eyes are often wider, but narrowed at the top (more seductive)

For your picture:

I've already said this, but... I really like your style. I love your composition of color, and I think that your proportioning is very well matched to the presentation of your characters. I also like the "emotive effect" you put into the faces of characters. This is very important for all art, but can be especially significant in something like "Anime".

I would work more on the nose, specifically where the tip of the nose meets with the nostrils .
This is a very complex part of the face, and while your nose is "technically accurate" I worry about how well it matches with your overall style. Because the nostril aren't perfectly circular, attention must be called away from my eyes. I have to dedicate focus onto the nostrils, just so that I can find their proper "place" on your character's face.

This forces me to spend to much time in "Recognizing" your picture, which (in my opinion) ruins the anime effect.

Remember that "Animation Art is not "Classical Art".
"Classical Art" is intended to "draw the viewer in" encouraging their eyes to wander across a picture, as they steadily absorb every small detail of it's presentation. The goal is keep your viewer occupied with a single image for several minutes at a time (WOW!).
"Animation Art" is almost the opposite of this. You want to show your viewer an image which can be quickly absorbed, while leaving them desirous for more. Rather then minutes, you want your audience to linger over a single image for only a few moments. For this reason, you want your audience to see only the more "overt" details of your picture, while avoiding anything else which could take away from your intended effect.

Japanese cartooning was literally developed from the Japanese comic-book industry (like the magazine adds which 'grandfathered' our American cartooning techniques). In this regard, Japanese Cartoons have been very much designed to "turn pages".

(American Cartoons are meant to be "fascinating" ~ Japanese Cartoons are meant to be "Appealing")
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Re: My own personal anime style

Postby ehoeveler » Mon Feb 24, 2014 3:58 pm

Lightning in the back so good - love it! Thank You, E
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