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How to Choose Your Easel

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Written on: Fri Sep 02, 2011 1:45 pm
Article Description: What to consider when shopping for an easel
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How to Choose Your Easel: 3 Deciding Factors to Consider

If you’re a budding artist or a digital master craftsman dipping back to the olden days of paint and brush, selecting your very first easel may seem like a tricky thing. There are multitudes of options available when it comes to easels and depending on your needs your easel option can vary. Here are some things to consider when selecting that easel that is just right for you:

  • What kind of materials will you be working with?
  • Who will use the easel? Will you need to move it often?
  • Will you need to reconfigure or readjust your work while you use the easel?

1. State Your Purpose

There are chiefly four types of easels available:

Artist Easels are collapsible and are relatively slim in built when compared to other easels. They were used to maximize the practicality and so are able to be adjusted in varying angles to cater to your needs.

Paint Stations are the big guns of easels. They are loaded with holsters and slots that can hold various painting utensils and equipments. Though obviously not as compact as the artist easel, a paint station can still be broken down sizably when not in use.

Children’s Easels, as the name suggests, these easels are for the young, aspiring van Gogh’s and Pollock’s that run amuck with creativity. Sized for children and built to withstand the sometimes grueling abuse that kids are renowned for, these easels usually come with dry erase boards or chalkboards for added value.

Display Easels, again, not too hard to guess what these easels are for. But these easels are designed to be ornate and meant to display the completed art work. Properly proportioned display easel can well complement the art just as well as a frame.

2. (Easel) Size Does Matter

After you’ve figured out what you would be using the easel for, try considering your work space, or the space in which you would be placing the easel in. Sometimes this can determine which easel to get. If you are working or planning to display your artwork, there should be plenty of space to get around even after the easel has been set.

3. What Your (Easel is) Made of

This could be a bit of a luxury factor but after you’ve settled on the purpose and the size of your easel, another deciding factor could be the material in which the easel is composed of. Traditional easels are made of wood and are available in various finishes. Metal easels are also available, most often utilized as a display easel to accentuate the art piece. The metal easel proves to be more durable than its wooden counterpart, but it is also markedly heavier.

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