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- November 2020
Two Artists
   Sat Nov 21, 2020 2:57 pm

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Two Artists

Permanent Linkby dianekiton on Sat Nov 21, 2020 2:57 pm

Dana Schutz and Hernan Bas
Michelangelo stated that painting is jealous and requires a person to be entirely devoted to it. Dana Schutz and Hernan Bas are famous modern painters who are extremely talented and extravagant, but they differ in writing manner https://thesisleader.com/.

Dana Schutz is one of the most significant young contemporary painters in the USA. She is known for tactile brushwork as well as characteristically vibrantly colored figurative paintings. The paintings of a famous artist Dana Schutz have received extremely controversial attention, because some collectors valued her works quite early and emphasized that the author has a great talent while the others art professionals thought in another way.

Dana Schutz exhibited art talent from her mother, who worked as an art teacher in a junior high school. Analyzing works of Dana Schutz, the art critics conclude that they are full of destruction and decadence; these works defy and expand meaning; moreover, they are all wit and delivery.

However, one can say that all her works are contradictory ones. She touches a lot of serious themes, but describes them with a sense of humor as well as a loose and gestural painting style. She paints such works in order to point out at human dualities, idiosyncrasies, neuroses and contradictions. The painter fingers human trigger points with caustic brushstroke. The art critics confess that this effect is dazzling. “Reclining Nude” (2002), “The Breeders” (2002), “Face Eater” (2004), “Presentation” (2005), “The Autopsy of Michael Jackson” (2005), “Singed Picnic” and “Man Eating Chicken” (both 2008) have made her popular over the globe. All her paintings read as a conflation of life, death and art.

Schutz states that she has no intention to dwell on the idea of pain and aggression. She says that she likes precarious subjects as well as the things that have physical matter. Her methodology offers a starting point for introspection. Her totally new paintings have loose feeling that can seem transitional; however, they mainly point out on how a great painter plunges ahead with her ambitious art. Very often she paints people alone, as well as in pairs and in a big crowd. What is more, it should be said that Dana Schutz adds realism to the mix of representation and abstraction. Her paintings depict weird and slightly frantic situations. There are many factors that make Schutz’s pictures unique and original including abstraction, fascinating details, color, feminism and many others. Moreover, paradox and parody are intertwined in her famous works.

In her works, she combines humor and horror, reality and fantasy with her expressionist energy. The author creates an imaginary world in order to explore absurd and hypothetical situations. Schutz uses many devices in order to embellish the horror of embarrassment, paying tribute to the everyday or insignificant moments and exaggerating a moment of inopportune affliction.

Through applying her deadpan and dark humor, Dana Schutz explores the peculiarities of the human condition. In fact, she describes the scenes of loss of control, hopelessness, human capability, anti-social activity, and incapability with the help of her vibrant and distinctive brushwork.

Hernan Bas was born in 1978, Miami, Florida, lives and works in Detroit, opens many sides of dandyism and its subculture as a mean to determine the sex drive. His paintings are tinged with nihilistic romanticism and passion for historical painting. Complex, fragile, and sensually delightful, Bas’s paintings epitomize epic novel, including the decadence and nasty pleasure.

Indeed, the success of Hernan Bas is largely based on his return to the old traditions. Modern public is tired of watching the ubiquitous installations, performances and ornate strange objects in the new-fangled techniques; it just needs the usual rest for the eyes. Oil, canvas, acrylic and gouache is the simple set of tools that allow the artist to open the viewer the whole palette of colors of his paintings stories. Painting has always remained as an important part of American art, and Hernan Bas felt immediately true the right path for his creative development.

Inspired by the literature of decadence, Hernan Bas does his paintings like illustrations for literary masterpieces. Aristocratic dandies and bohemian elegant are depicted on his canvases. This talented painter creates a sort of decadent magical worlds where the shadows of Wilde and Huysmans are hovering. He usually selects a quiet harbor, classical palace decoration and wildlife as a background for the kind of narcissistic characters, catching the mysterious atmosphere and slight aggressiveness. Hernan Bas admits that his favorite themes of solitude and reflection open more clearly in such an environment where all can feel the pathos of expression. Population of such compositions, like in a fairy tale, is full of sad harlequins, mythological heroes like centaurs and other representatives of the free imagination of their author. His subjects conflict with reality and transfer its inhabitants together with the viewers eye in artificially simulated space, designed to preserve the purity and innocence of the young body in a constant state, sometimes even at the cost of the hero’s death. Bas combines expressionist brushwork with a sharp color, characteristic for abstractionism so beloved by American artists.

Analyzing his works, one can say that Hernan Bas usually paints storytelling and fascinating images of winsome young men in homoerotic situations.

In conclusion, it should be said that all the works of these both authors are ecstatically imaginative paintings, which are executed in a vibrant, subjective palette. Both painters have made a major contribution to the discourse of painting. Actually, the artist, with all his sensations and feelings is the only available tool with which one can define and express the essence of art. The core task of every human who loves art is to open the door inside oneself behind which the entire world stretches.

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