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Economics article summary
   Fri Dec 18, 2020 12:14 pm

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Economics article summary

Permanent Linkby oliviafrancis on Fri Dec 18, 2020 12:14 pm

The Federal Reserve in the United States has the power of influencing the interest rates by either raising or lowering rates as a monetary policy measure to streamline the economy. The Fed had laid down strategies on raising the interest rates for the first time since the occurrence of the great depression in 2008. According to Binyamin, the Federal Reserve has had to slow down on the mission to raise the interest rates on grounds of global economic weakness. Greater caution regarding an increase in the interest rate should be taken as the prospects for domestic growth should receive thorough observation.
The Fed general expectations on raising the interest rates this year were to get implementation in the month of March, but things did not go according to the plan. The Federal Reserve policy-making committee voted against the prospects for a rise in the rates thereby giving room for other terms. The Fed officials now are left with the possibility of increasing them by about half percentage...

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The Role of Women in the 20th Century

Permanent Linkby oliviafrancis on Thu Sep 03, 2020 11:50 am

The 20th century can be termed as the most gruesome regarding the events that took place and the changes that these events caused. The world’s population can be said to have gone through the worst of all times in this century. In this regard, femininity also endured a lot, in particular, the wars and revolutions. However, the hardships faced during these years are considerably the reason behind the little triumphs experienced by women in terms of their rights and freedoms.
The 20th century was a time for growth, aided by the lessons of a ghostly past. During these years, women became more appreciated in terms of their contribution to the society and their ability to do more. However, it was not all smooth sailing as the women had to endure the ridicule and opposition from their male counterparts and anti-feminist women who were comfortable with their roles as wives, mothers, and homemakers. As the roles changed based on new technology and a natural evolution among other things, the world i...

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