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MAJOR WORDS OF WISDOM FOR ARTISTS... ... _211417343'; data[0]['blog_time'] = 'Sat, 15 Feb 2014 02:03:01 +0000'; data[1] = new Array(); data[1]['title'] = 'Lets strart with this.."Oh What Slumbers"'; data[1]['url'] = ''; data[1]['url'] = ''; data[1]['username'] = 'jenn_iam'; data[1]['blog_id'] = '260'; data[1]['blog_message'] = 'Not just art is captured in the minds eye of an Artist. The world, the life which dwell on it, and the experiences we encounter each day feed into that creativity generator, that is within. If well exercised, its output is profound, unbridled and vast.
A Prose or stir that inner Artist, the dreamer, the child, the real you. I titled it:

"Oh what Slumbers"
by Jennifer Erin ~2013

Oh, what slumbers await
the yearning languid eyes to those quiet moments
when the curtains are pulled back to the vivid nuances of one’s imagination.
A compilation if you will
in a dis-conjoined tale of recollection;
of propheticism.
Wake but in a daze of wonder, if you must.
Remember, interpretations within the symbolism of the Id,
the greater you, that only you can hear.
Do you hear?

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