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Juba Adventures
   Sat Aug 18, 2012 5:25 am

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Juba Adventures

Permanent Linkby jandreart on Mon Jul 16, 2012 3:45 am

Adventure to Juba
29th June 12
The call of a coucal to greet me at the office, very special.

As soon as we get on top of one crises with the refugees, another rears its head. Flood waters from the Ethiopian mountains has started to arrive in the low lying area where the refugee camps are situated. After all, why would you agree to a refugee camp on prime land??! Doesn’t take much to imagine the impact of a combination of water logged pit latrines and low level tents. Movement along the roads is about 2km per hour, when they can move at all.

Of course, wearing a white shirt, I have a tomato splotch from dinner.

Fraud, falsified letters of credit and black listed Chinese contractors a few of the niggling issues to deal with, amongst the $1 million hole in operational budget expenditure that needs to be sorted. I managed to complete by Cornell University Strategic Leadership course, with a few excellent ratings and the unusual comment that ‘the internal logic of my thought process was easy to follow!’

Outside my window, music played extra loud to ensure that the speaker overload prevents one from hearing just how bad the music really is.

A new loop on my jog, although I did take the easier way around with the short uphill at the start rather than the long slow grind. As it passes two of the new clocks, it also gives me some idea of my 1km time, within a few minutes or so at any rate!

Struggled with my painting of the poppies. Although I know they come in a range of shades from white through pink, orange and a vast array of reds, the colour in my head didn't match the canvas. The colours seemed flat and dirty, rather than the brilliance I was looking for. From the bathroom, in the half-light, without my glasses it doesn't look to bad. Will need to see how it does in daylight! The linen canvas was great to work on and the new easel simple and efficient.

Went to Logali House, one of the ex-pat hangouts in Juba town. Marketed as a boutique hotel, a revamped old house, it's still seedy and I was happy to leave when the sound system for the soccer took over from the bad reggae that had been crackling away. The conversation around the table was varied and interesting.

Discussing the merits of wine from Lebanon, game parks in Kenya versus Uganda and, already, the reminiscing about the rapidly changing Juba to another badly planned African city.

A low-key farewell for Jane who is heading back to Copenhagen. The tukul at the house needs the electricity looked at as the fan evaporated in a cloud of smoke. Pizza and wine before heading to bed.

Best practice presentation, one of four chosen from the global UNPOS offices, on Integrated Community Participation, for Copenhagen next week finalized. I managed to get a concept paper done on alternative education infrastructure based on technology submitted to donors, and prepared the concept of a program for the White Nile. Julia also confirmed that the paper she submitted on her work with Tebelopele has been accepted for publication.

Jog on heavy legs, without socks. Feet covered in blisters. Stupid.

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RE: Juba Adventures

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RE: Juba Adventures

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RE: Juba Adventures

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RE: Juba Adventures

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RE: Juba Adventures

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