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Advice to students who are almost dropping out school

Permanent Linkby AnnaRoberts on Fri Sep 21, 2018 5:40 am

According to the 2016 United States Bureau of Statistics Report, about five out of every hundred students in college are either dropping out or deferring their studies due to various reasons which include the inability to meet the set minimum requirements for promotion to the next class, financial challenges, indiscipline cases or illness among many other factors. The number of students quitting school is bound to rise given the ever-rising cost of education that is coupled with complex tests and assignments. As a student, it is therefore important that you become aware of the challenges that you may encounter as you pursue your education so that you can be able to prepare well to overcome them. Here, are four ways that you can use to overcome the challenges that you may encounter as a university student.
• Seek financial aid
Regardless of where you come from, you should understand that almost every country has study support programs for students. Different national and local governments have availed bursaries, study grants, scholarships and loans for all students enrolled in tertiary education institutions. Therefore, you should ensure that you update yourself about the financial aids that are available in your country. Apply for as many of them as possible since you do not know the ones that you will qualify to get. In case you are not familiar with the student aids that are offered in your area, you can visit the dean of student’s office in your university and ask to be assisted. Alternatively, you can check the ministry of education’s website for a list of financial aids that are offered from time to time.
• Avoid engaging in irresponsible activities
A college is a place where you should get as much fun as possible. Do everything that you can to give yourself pleasure as well as improve your grades, but avoid things that you can put you on the wrong side of the law. Unlawful activities will result in you being suspended or expelled from college. So, just live responsibly.
• Exercise always
This is the only surest way to stay healthy and keep your mind at its best. You can enroll at a gym or start a routine running/jogging program. By keeping your body fit you also keep your mind strong and enhance your body immunity. When you are both academically and healthwise fit, the chances that you will be out of school will be greatly minimized. Furthermore, working out will also help you avoid the temptation to join bad companies that may lead you to deviate away from your set goals.
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RE: Advice to students who are almost dropping out school

Permanent Linkby janko19 on Mon Sep 24, 2018 9:11 am

I am happy to read them.
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