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- December 2019
The Way to a Contentful Life
   Tue Dec 10, 2019 8:06 am

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The Way to a Contentful Life

Permanent Linkby bettybove on Tue Dec 10, 2019 8:06 am

Happiness is a crucial element of a contentful life. Philosophy helps to form the correct perception of contentful life. It helps people to form a proper attitude towards the difficulties they face on their way to a more contentful life. Lack of financial aids is a serious problem for most people. In his book, The Consolation of Philosophy, Alain de Botton analyzes how to correctly differentiate between the things, which the person truly needs to be happy, and the things, which this person wants, without needing them. Even though the state of happiness is achieved by the satisfaction of a person’s desires, not all accomplished desires lead to happiness. People must learn to differentiate which desires should be satisfied and which should not.
People must understand how to achieve happiness in their life. They should use philosophy in their everyday life, to help them get what they need and to achieve the state of happiness. Philosophy should be applied in everyday life because without being applied to the real-life, philosophy is only a theory. For example, it is important to follow the example of Epicurus, to properly discriminate the needs of a person from his/her desires. To achieve a state of happiness, the person must have everything, what he/she needs. However, this does not mean having material wealth, such as personal ships, planes or mansions. It means that all needs must be satisfied, while the desires can remain unsatisfied.
Philosophy aims to help a person achieve pleasure from life. According to Epicurus, Pleasure is the beginning and the goal of a happy life. Philosophy can lead the person towards pleasure and happiness, by showing him/her the right way. If the person does not let philosophy into his/her life, this person cannot achieve the state of happiness, and truly enjoy life. It is never too late or too early for one to adopt philosophy into his/her life.
The key to pleasure is tasty food and sensual pleasure. To receive pleasure from food, this food does not need to be expensive and hard to get. Epicurus said that to enjoy food, the amount of food is not important, but this food must be pleasant for the eater. A person, who guides his/her life according to philosophy, can get pleasure from eating simple food such as bread. Also, philosophy can help the person to overcome depression and other current issues, which bring disturbance into one’s life. To achieve a state of happiness, we must be able to defeat our anxiety with our thoughts. Hence, one should not waste time on thinking about death or illnesses.
If one wants to be happy and fully satisfied with his life. He/she should enjoy his/her occupation, love the place where one lives, the food one eats, and the people around. To have a better life, one has to stop behaving impulsively and start applying philosophy to guide his/her behavior. One has to put all my desires into question, to find out, whether they are rational.
Friendship is a crucial element of happiness. Epicurus suggested, that people should eat with a friend because this will make the person not only enjoy the food but also enjoy the company of a friend. I usually eat alone. Thus, I can make my life more contentful by arranging a meeting with one of my friends and having a meal together. During our meal, we will have a pleasant conversation. My friend will be able to share his happiness with me, and I will be able to share my happiness with him. Also, my friend will be able to face the process of me receiving pleasure from food and our friendship. To live, there must be someone, who will be the witness of one’s life. Thus, I will eat with a friend, and this friend will be the witness of my life. Besides, being with a friend leads to the pleasure of receiving unconditional love from him, because a friend loves us regardless of the money we have, and our social status.
Another crucial element of happiness is freedom. To be happy, people must be free from the superiors, who would tell them what to do and/or force them to have a lifestyle they do not want to lead. To have a contentful life, the person does not have to prove anything to other people. The person must always stay true to himself/herself. Thus, to be happy and satisfied with my life, I should first satisfy my personal needs and pay less attention to what other people want me to have or do.
Expensive things do not bring happiness. People are attracted to them only because they try to compensate for a lack of friends or freedom with expensive things, which not everyone can afford to buy. This happens because of the wrong perception of what happiness is, and what leads to it. There are natural and necessary desires, natural desires, which are unnecessary and unnatural and unnecessary desires. The necessary and natural desires are freedom of thoughts and actions, and friends. Thinking about such sources of anxiety as death, superstition, poverty, and illness is natural. Also, clothes, shelter, and food are natural desires of every person. It is obvious that to satisfy the natural and necessary desires one does not need to be rich. He/she should just have enough money to cover the expenses for the necessities. Thus, satisfying these desires will bring the person to the state of true happiness. Such desires as having servants, owning a mansion and going to parties, Epicurus considers being unnecessary, but natural. While power and fame are considered to be unnecessary and unnatural.
When the person has a desire to buy something, he/she should ask himself/herself what will happen in case the desire is satisfied and what will happen to him/her in case the desire has not been satisfied. For example, if the woman desires to buy an expensive blouse from a popular brand and thinks that this blouse will make her happy, she should ask herself, whether she can be unhappy in that blouse, because of not having friends or freedom. Then she should ask herself if she can be happy with a cheaper blouse because she has good friends and she is free, and if the answer to both questions is yes than she does not need to buy the expensive blouse, because this blouse will not make her happy.
I should implement this method in my own life, to achieve a state of happiness without wasting money and feeling unhappy for not being able to afford something expensive, especially if I do not need it to be happy. Thus, whenever I will have a desire to buy something expensive, I would immediately ask myself whether I truly need this object, and only if the answer will be ‘yes’, I will buy this object regardless of the price.
To make my life more contentful and achieve a state of happiness, I need to precisely analyze all aspects of my life and implement philosophy into my everyday life. For example, I can make myself happy, by enjoying my job even if the salary is not very high. I have to stop thinking that I will be able to enjoy only the job with a higher salary. It is so because I can be unhappy even if I would have this job. For example, if I would have to lose all of my friends, or lose my freedom because if this job, I would be unhappy. Thus, it is not the job that makes me happy, it is freedom of actions, thoughts, and friendship. From now on, I try to pay less attention to fashionable clothes, enjoy simple food. I will differentiate between my needs and my desires and try to satisfy only my needs, and not the desires to buy expensive things that are considered “must-have” by society.
To conclude, the state of happiness can be achieved, if such necessary and natural needs, like freedom of actions and thoughts as well as the need of friendship, are satisfied. Happiness cannot be achieved by having lots of money while lacking one of the necessary and natural desires. Thus, to live a more contentful life, I should spend more time with friends, enjoy the beauty of nature, maintain personal freedom, and be able to calm my anxiety with the proper thoughts, which are formed with the help of philosophy. Besides, whenever I will have a desire to buy an expensive object, I must always ask myself, whether this object belongs to the necessary and natural desires, and if not, then this object will not bring me happiness. More of my posts you may find at https://millionessays.com/do-my-coursework-online.html.

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RE: The Way to a Contentful Life

Permanent Linkby janko19 on Thu Dec 12, 2019 3:57 am

It's nice that you can still find such cool articles. A nice word on your part.
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