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Latest Trends in the Domain of Indian Artworks

Permanent Linkby indianartideas on Tue Aug 01, 2017 2:44 am

There is no denial to the fact that Indian artworks are a feast to the eye. The immense beauty and vibrant pieces have the potential to instantly glam up any space in which they are kept. Since time immemorial, India is known as the land of art and culture. Thanks to their vivacious artistic instincts, the art world of today is witnessing many beautiful pieces which hold their roots in the diversity of this art form.


There are so many trends which are going around in the art world. However, this blog will take you through the most trending styles which are making headlines in the genre of Indian art. So, here are our top three artistic leanings which are making art enthusiasts drool over them.

• The beautiful amalgamation of art with nature:

Art and nature have a lot of things in common. Landscape art has surely been sizzling the art world with its enchanting beauty and a recent addition to its vast genre is Indian art. The intricacies displayed by a splendid Indian artwork along with the captivating splendor of landscape art makes it a perfect combination. Artists have been working on bringing the two together and have done a great job at the same.

• Captivating sculptures and evocative figures:

Sculptures and carvings have always had the hearts of Indian monarchs. Even the artists of today are getting inspired from the rich old traditional art of sculptures and are giving their own twist to it. Right from carvings on wooden surfaces to artefacts created on metal surfaces, carved canvasses are making headlines in the world of art.

• Fabricated art:

Anyone who has been in the art world for a significant amount of time will know the never-ending love for fabricated art. Since time immemorial, artists have been creating Indian artworks on the surface of fabrics using organic items. The age old trend never went out of style. Some things are evergreen and this has to be one of them. Right from wall hangings to table runners, artists are designing everything by means of fabricated art.

Trends come and go. Seldom does it happen that a particular style leaves a long-lasting impression in the minds of the general public. Indian artworks have always displayed the vibrancy of colors and beauty which hold a deep meaning. Meaningful art never goes out of flair and always captivates the minds of its audience.

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Permanent Linkby bubbleam on Mon Aug 14, 2017 2:38 am

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RE: Latest Trends in the Domain of Indian Artworks

Permanent Linkby AprilRussell on Thu Sep 07, 2017 4:02 am

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