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Exploring the World of Contemporary Art

Permanent Linkby indianartideas on Fri Apr 21, 2017 2:00 am

Collecting art is an art in itself. Art can be a challenging task for those who aren't aware of the various genres being offered by it. One of such fields, which is attractive yet overwhelming, is contemporary art. In the most basic of terms, any art which has been created post-1960s can be considered as a part of the contemporary art era.


As art is all about exploration, contemporary paintings are no different. If this arena of art is to your liking but you’re a bit intimidated then, here are four characteristics of contemporary art at your rescue. A thorough consideration of these will surely help you in exploring the world of contemporary art.

• All shapes and sizes:
You most certainly would have heard of the term that beauty comes in all sizes. Well, contemporary art is no different. Right from a sculpture as small as your finger to a gigantic painting which could end up covering the entire wall of your reception area, you can find the beauty of this art form in every shape and size. If you feel that only a standard sized portrait can be considered as a part of contemporary paintings then you are highly mistaken. Art is art, size and shape don't matter!

• Playful or serious:
Gladly, contemporary art encompasses both of these. You can find some of the most playful pieces in this area and some of the most serious thoughts can be put forth with the help of contemporary paintings. The tone of a painting doesn’t matter. It is above all moods and it would be obnoxious to try and put boundaries on something as beautiful as art.

• Addressing issues relevant to our lives:
As contemporary paintings are an art form of today, they are mostly addressing the matters of present scenarios. Whatever it might be, artists are putting forward their thoughts in respect of issues prevalent in today’s time. The psychology and thoughts of artists have been changing immensely and they are creating those pieces which are dominant in this era.

• Representation of artist’s personal experiences:
In multiple instances, it has been witnessed that artist has crafted something which a living representation of his personal experience. Artists intensely scrutinize their past and consider those instances which have left most prominent footprints on the sand of their minds. As art is a form of self-depiction, artists use them to express themselves.

Someone has very rightly stated that art is about exploration and not a definition. Superb contemporary paintings are all about exploring and finding pieces of your liking. Irrespective of the fact that whether you’re an art creator or an art lover, contemporary art has something in store for each one of you.
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