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Introduce Art in Your Office to Stir Ideas and Close More Deals

Permanent Linkby indianartideas on Tue Oct 04, 2016 2:17 am

The fact that art has always been one of the most efficient mediums to adorn living spaces cannot be denied. Be it the courtroom of a King or the mud-house of a commoner, paintings and sculptures have always been the most sought after medium to decorate the walls. While artists were commissioned by royals to paint their portraits, women in rural India used to hand-paint the walls of their mud homes with beautiful patterns. From then to now, the popularity of art has not died down. The tradition of using art in homes has continued, only the form has changed. Now, art is easily available and accessible to masses. People don’t paint patterns on their walls; they buy paintings and sculptures from markets and place them artistically to heighten the visual effect in their homes.


It is a common perception that art is meant to adorn personal spaces and homes. People tend to overlook the power of art. They tend to forget that art can rejuvenate dull spaces, not only in your home, but also in office. That is why we do not get to see much of art in offices and at place of work. The benefits of introducing art to your office are way beyond the obvious. A carefully chosen art in office will not only add to the aesthetical appeal of an office, but it will help you with boosting productivity, igniting creative spark and instilling a sense of well being in workplace. If you too want to leverage the benefits offered by art, consider buying art for your office. We would recommend you to buy contemporary art. No doubt, contemporary art goes well with all-most all decors, but it is the sophisticated appeal of this genre that makes it best suited for offices. Read on to know how placing artworks in your office can help you.

The mere thought of hanging a striking contemporary painting or placing a sculpture on a chic stool at office’s reception is exciting. In addition to enhancing the visual appeal, displaying works of art in your office boost the mood and creates a productive and comforting work environment. Exhibiting paintings that convey some messages or framed motivational quotes in office is an easy and efficient medium to make a meaningful connect with colleagues, staff and clients. Artwork also gives you the opportunity to let your employees know what you and your business values the most. Buy contemporary art sculptures that will not only grace the reception area of your office, but will also make it more warm and inviting.

Paintings, especially oversized and bold paintings have the capability to revive any drab office space. No matter what your job profile is, you can use a stimulating original art to rejuvenate up your workplace and keep things from feeling too dull and boring. You can buy contemporary art painting and place it in your cubicle to create a focal point for introspection and creative inspiration.

While selecting paintings and sculptures for your office, do not undermine the benefits of introducing artworks to the rest of your work-space. If you want to inspire a healthy discussion and exchange of innovative ideas, create a fun space where your team members and colleagues look forward to work. Consider hanging paintings underlining messages in your conference room and interview room. They will not only be the conversation starter, but will also help new candidates and clients calm their senses before an important meeting.

Having read how art in your office can transform it into a more productive and fun space, don’t you want to experiment with the idea of art in office? Go ahead, buy contemporary art paintings and sculptures, arrange it tastefully in your office and witness the change.

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RE: Introduce Art in Your Office to Stir Ideas and Close More Deals

Permanent Linkby nianaronaz on Wed Dec 13, 2017 7:58 am

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RE: Introduce Art in Your Office to Stir Ideas and Close More Deals

Permanent Linkby globalartvision on Sat Mar 24, 2018 7:28 am

Global Art Vision is well known for its canvas oil artwork for creating devotional images such as lord krishna paintings defining indian art exclusively.
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