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Buy Indian Paintings Online at your Fingertips

Permanent Linkby indianartideas on Tue May 24, 2016 2:18 am

Indian art paintings have a deeply ingrained historical significance. As per the historians, it has been revealed that these art forms had come into being way back in the pre-historic age. In 5500 B.C., the emergence of Buddhism in the sub-continent spurred the rise of creation of mural by the artists. This was further followed by the Mughal art that majorly depicted Persian influence in different Indian paintings.

At present, these intricately created motifs from the gone by time can be still found on different types of traditional Indian paintings created by artisans. Indian artwork nowadays you can easily find in online art galleries.


Through this post, we shall discuss what all different forms of Indian paintings you can buy online.

Classification of Indian paintings

For all intents and purposes prehistoric Indian paintings and related forms were majorly dominated by spiritual themes. However, today these artworks have certainly evolved over years and now depict an impressive combination of diverse cultures and rituals of India immaculately.

Here is the broad classification of the different genre of art that you can buy online with a click of a button:

•Indian murals: These are massive form of artwork created on the walls of solid structures, let’s say temples. One of the best examples of this form of art can be easily found on Ajanta Caves.

•Miniature Indian paintings: Miniature paintings are created on relatively smaller scale. They are primarily created on books, photograph album and apparels (a delicate material such as cloth and paper).

•Mughal Paintings: They are an inimitable combination of Indian, Persian and Islamic genres of art.

•Rajput Paintings: Rajputana paintings are considered to have come from the majestic courts of Rajputs. They are devoted to Mother Nature, Hinduism, royal family and folklore such as Ramayana and Mahabharata.

•Mysore Paintings: These Indian paintings portray exclusivity, subdued hues and a profound attention to detail. They predominantly represent Hindu Deities and Divinities.

•Tanjore Paintings: Last, but not the least is a traditional South Indian paintings panache that is being created since 9th century, evidently during Chola dynasty. This form of artwork also majorly portrays Indian mythology, and at present they are a relic of South Indian festivities.

Where to buy Indian paintings online?

The growing advancement in technology has certainly opened new doors of avenues for artists. Now they can connect with art lovers and collections across the globe through means of online art galleries. These art selling platforms have undoubtedly bridged the wide gap between the artists and art lovers. They showcase different forms aforementioned artwork online and make use of search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to rank the page. This way possibility of sale and purchase of artwork online has become higher.

In the essence, investing in different forms of Indian paintings is always considered to be beneficial by the art curators. So, if you are thinking to buy captivating Indian paintings online then don’t wait for long you never know when you try to search for the piece of work you desire to have is avail on heavy discount.

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