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Adorn your space by Rajasthani Miniature Traditional Indian Art

Permanent Linkby indianartideas on Mon Apr 11, 2016 8:42 am

India is considered as a land of different cultures and traditions. This diversity can be seen through the traditional Indian art and craft paintings that have earned global recognition to the Indian artists. With the widely spread 29 states and 7 union territories of India, you can see different types of distinctive traditional artwork that stunningly represent the diverse genres of Indian traditional paintings.

The unique form of art and panache of every province in India is widely known as traditional Indian art. Rajasthani Miniature painting is one of those art forms. These paintings hold their own cultural significance. The strong sense of design is one of the distinguishing traits that you can spot in these paintings.


Through this blog, we shall try to give you a brief introduction about Rajasthani Miniature paintings and the source from where you can get one to adorn the wall of your personal space.

Origin of miniature art paintings-

The Miniature painting came to its glory during the Mughal period, the well-known Persian art form. The Mughal ruler, the great Humayun, during the 16th century, requested Persian painter to visit India and create unique miniature paintings capturing important events.

Afterwards, under his son, Akbar’s rule, this beautiful art form was flourished. All of the paintings created during the Mughal Emperors narrate stories of the passionate and royal lives of the Mughal. Now the miniature artworks have transformed with a little change. The Indian artists have added their unique style to it. Now the miniature art paintings are recognized as Rajasthani miniature.

How Rajasthani Miniature paintings differ from other forms of traditional Indian paintings?

Rajasthani Miniature traditional Indian art needs maximum care and attention to details. The artists practicing this art form uses strong lines and bright colors that create symphonic designs in the paintings. To create alluring and inspiring Rajasthani miniature paintings, artists use wooden tablets, paper, ivory made panels, marble, fabric, and leather. The hues of colors used in the paintings are extracted from the precious stones, minerals and vegetables, expensive metals such as pure silver and gold. The well-bred designs of these paintings give them an aristocratic and an individualistic portraiture. These paintings include plush court scenes, dance scenes, festivals, and hunting expedition of royal Emperors. Flowers and animals are some of the basic themes, which can be repeatedly find in these paintings.

Is it safe to buy Indian traditional paintings from the web-based art galleries?


Many art admirers and buyers feel perplexed about whether they should trust web-based art galleries for purchasing traditional Indian paintings or not. Well, you need not to be skeptical giving a try to purchase artwork from online art gallery.

The evolution of Internet has made browsing much safer and easier. The art collectors can easily search and browse through various online art selling portals, and select the one which suits the wall of their home. Moreover, the arrival of online art galleries has benefited the struggling and budding artists who are trying to capture the attention of the art lovers who can pay the right price for their talent and efforts.
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