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Checlist For a Successful Painting, Part 4

Permanent Linkby RichardDevine on Mon May 19, 2014 9:40 am

Here is a distillation of all the thoughts from the past three discussions. Once again, much of this comes from The Simple Secret To Better Painting by Greg Albert. There are many fine books out there on composition and I have a few of them but Albert’s book seems to simplify a lot of it and for me, at least, it’s a bit easier to remember.

Boundaries and Objects
1. Is the painting divided into uneven sections?
2. Is the spacing between objects and groupings within the painting varied?
3. Is the size and shape of the objects within the painting varied and interesting?
4. Are the objects grouped into varied sizes?
1. Do the objects in the painting cross over the central axis?
2. Is the weighting of the objects balanced across the painting?
3. Is there a balance between different visual and energetic objects?
Center of Interest
1. Is the center of interest at one of the “sweet spots”?
2. Do lines and leads direct the eye to the center of interest?
3. Is there a value contrast around the center of interest?
4. Is there a color contrast around the center of interest?
Blocks and Exits
1. Is there view block that prevents the eye from leaving the painting?
2. Is the view block near the outside?
3. Have I eliminated lines and objects that run into the corners?
4. Have I eliminated objects that are tangential to the outer boundaries?
5. Have I eliminated objects leaning outwards at the boundaries?
6. Have I eliminated figures near the edge that are facing out of the painting?
1. Is there a variety of values?
2. Are the values mostly, some and a bit in quantity?
3. Is the painting mostly dark or mostly light?
1. Are the colors mostly, some and a bit in hue or groups of hue?
2. Is the painting composed of a family of compatible hues?
3. Is the painting predominantly warm or cool?

Following this checklist is not a guarantee that you’ll create a masterpiece, for there are many factors that go into creation, but this checklist is a significant help in that direction.

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