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The Cosmic Kiosk
Part shantytown souvenir shop, part shamanic medicine temple, The Cosmic Kiosk gestures toward a number of spaces. A place where potted plants rub against framed drawings, rusty tin cans lean up against carefully constructed assemblages. The viewer is invited to get lost amongst the clutter, joining the dots and freely building associations and meaning within the chaos. The collection of objects and images attempt to blend and blur the boundaries between gallery, studio, home and place of worship. The site-specific installation aims to deliberately confuse the focus on where art begins and reality ends.

“In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order.”
-Carl Jung

Inspired by a variety of trips to far reaching lands, in particular a Vietnamese inconvenience store located deep in the jun...

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After having evaluated with great attention your work, I would like to propose you an editorial initiative that can not be missed: "The new heirs of Jackson Pollock - historical paths of the Informal art".

In this special edition, inside the May-June issue of Effetto Arte, will be selected the new heirs of Jackson Pollock and other Informal artists, that now belong to the world's most important museums.
A particular cognitive process within art.
The history and the works of great masters of the informal art:
Jackson Pollock, Georges Mathieu, Antoni Tàpies, Jean Dubuffet, Emilio Vedova, Hans Hartung, Alberto Burri, Jean Fautrier.
An editorial initiative set to explain and clarify the artistic evolution of the sign, over the years.
On the pages of Effetto Arte will find space, near to the great historicized masters, the works of selected contemporary artists ...

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R3.4 million buys you Love
ISSUED BY: STRAUSS & CO | 18 MAR 2014 13:31
A rare and undocumented painting by the celebrated South African artist, Stanley Pinker, set a new world record for the artist when it sold for R3.4 million at Strauss & Co's auction, having been hotly contested between ten telephone bidders and buyers in the packed auction room. The painting Love gripped the imagination of buyers at the auction that proved the South African art market continues to show great strength for works of quality and that are fresh to the market.

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Other highlights were Irma Stern's Dakar Woman which sold for R6.6 million, Alexis Preller's Red Angel which sold for R2.8 million and A Harvest Scene by Maggie Laubser that sold for just under R2.3 million.

The sale of paintings and furniture from the RB Stuttaford Will Trust and the Estate Late Mrs DE Stuttaford-Burton realised over R3.1 million and was characterised by competitive...

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A now abandoned boat which has been used to transfer immigrants is covered with more than 10,000 tamata (votive offerings), both handcrafted from beverage cans and factory- made, incised with the names, dates and places of birth of immigrants.

The installation focuses on the journey as transition from despair to hope, from death to life, expressing the constant human quest. Votive offerings, a timeless symbol of the human drama and hope, materialize the agonizing request for divine mediation. The work focuses on the courage of the human soul and the power of life itself.

The Byzantine Museum, this year celebrating its 100th anniversary, is presenting...

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