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Permanent Linkby jnbrownlee on Wed Sep 25, 2013 9:28 am

Well here I am and it is already the end of September (heavy sigh). Days skip by so quickly and it reminds me of a saying about "the best laid plans of mice and men." Anyway, moving onward, there is an online magazine called "Inspired" at-- http://www.artistsnetwork.com/inspired-digital-magazine and I just read an article called, "Artist, Know Thyself" by Marissa Anne. It has some good information and questions for those of us who are trying to "find ourselves/our style/our direction. It is in the Spring 2013 issue. So I am asking myself questions like; What is my favorite color? What am I working on when I lose all sense of time? And, Why are these my answers? Marissa makes a good point when she states, "Because we're so conditioned to please others from the time we're young, we rarely stop to ask ourselves whether how we're living is what we truly want and genuinely reflects who we are. We are not encouraged to express our individuality as much as we're encouraged to fit in." I really liked this article, because it speaks about some of the things I have been contemplating already. For example, do I really like crab, lobster, sardines... or do I just think I do because my parents thought it was a treat and told us so. Are pickled pigs feet really something to get excited about or even to consume, or do they just cause heartburn? And in the end, how does this effect creativity. I know that I have a deep desire to fit in, but then that doesn't create anything new or soulful. Saying the same thing that has already been said, doesn't really stretch and take us farther or into the future, it just repeats the status quo. Although, I would like to win some contests so I can put them on my bio page; it eats away at my motivation when I try to make something that everyone else likes. Ideas dry up and joy becomes work. I like what ehoeveler said about learning to have fun with her work. Along with keeping it fun, I think I need to let it take me where it? needs to go, instead of trying to force it into a mold.

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