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- December 2012

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The Biker and The Granny (Excerpt) Work in progress

Permanent Linkby eddieblz on Mon Dec 10, 2012 11:55 pm

2 am comes too... early. With a rocking motion he swings his feet toward his left and over the side of the bed. The momentum pulling him up into a sitting position, his feet hanging loosely over the side. Reaching over he taps the button on top of the alarm, quieting it's screeching sound. ( He's never been one to hit the snooze, it's just better to get up all at once and get it over with... at least thats what he's always figured.) Now he rotates his feet at his ankles as they hang their and twists his shoulders back and forth loosening himself to be ready to take the weight of his body when he stands. "Man it sucks getting older. I'm just not impressed at all", he mumbles to himself. Then off the bed he slides on to his feet straitening himself into a standing position then gingerly walks around his bed to the bathroom, not wanting to stub his toe on something in the dark. Those early morning toe stubbing's are the worst.
As he enters his bathroom closing his eyes he reaches...

[ Continued ]

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