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EveryThing Is Not Better The Second Time Around
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Policies I Would Try To Make In To law

Permanent Linkby surealworld on Sat Sep 22, 2012 7:19 pm

First thing I would do in my campaign to run for the office of the Presidency,is to avoid spending my time and money in smearing my opponents political or privet views or actions. I want to spend my time promoting clearly to the American People My polices I would try to make into law to help America become a better Nation for it's citizen.
To Pay down the nations dept I would call all employees of all the branch of the American government to take a pay cut. No Government employee's salary for holding public office should be over 60,000 a year.
This salary cap should remain until this country has paid back 75%percent of it's national dept.
I would pass a law that would limit how many continuous year a person can
hold a seat in government. I would think that a person can run or hold a political office for four years,than have to lead a privet life for four year before they can run for political again. This way they don't become out of touch with how politics effect the common citizen.
International founding ,I would pass a law that would stop all U.S. Founding to nations that support or neglect to protect U.S and it's allies and their interest from being attacked by their enemies.
I would pass a law that would require all government operations to cut down on wasteful spending ,steam lining their use of materials and manpower to accomplish their accomplish their service to the American people.
Paying Taxes,the system should be fair to every one. Taxes payer should pay their share according to their income. If you make a lot of money then you pay a bigger amount of money in taxes then a person who is making less income then you.
Banks, I would pass a law that all banks that were bailed out by tax payer money,through government bail out program,will have to forgive all credit card debtors who defaulted on their dept do to financial hard ship at the time of the bank crises .
A law should be passes that any money source that has been taxed once,should not be subjected to taxation again. Such as social security pay outs,unemployment,and any investments or inheritances .
Tax breaks or government financial assistance should only go to the corporations that employ Citizen of this country,and produce their products or services here in this nation.
This nation need to rebuild a strong industrial infrastructure ,ran on reusable energy resources drawn from our domestic natural resources. Employed by U.S. Citizen ,producing high quality product for the consumption of our citizen and to export to the world.
The government should pass fair trade laws that will aim to balance the scales with our worldwide trading partners. If our trading partners will not import our product at a balance rate that our nation import their products,that their should be a trade tariff placed on that countries goods.
To reduce spending the Government should stop financing organization or companies that produce products or services that are offensive to large groups of American tax payers.
Like Planned Parent Hood, that is the world larges abortion factory in the world.
I am sure that more that half of the American population does not believe in abortion, so why is the government including it in Obama health care plan.
I would pass a law that would stop government money from financing free distribution of condoms and any other birth control devices to children in schools.
Because again large groups of taxes payers do not believe sex outside of mirage is moral,or socially acceptable.
Health care, I would make a law that requires every employer to provide a health care plan as part of the employees benefits. And I would pass a law against medical cost gauging . A law that would also remove the health care insurance companies ability to reject financial coverage for a client medical bill,or drop a client for pre -existing conditions.
Law, If a citizen commits one murder,they will get life in prison. If a person commits multiple murders, they will be hanged in the town square the following week they are found guilty by a court of law.
I would get rid of any hate speech law. I would protect freedom of speech.
I would get rid of Gun laws , because gun laws leave the law abiding citizen defenceless against vile lent criminals,who get their weapon from the black market.
Immigration laws, I would pass a law that would send all illegal aliens back to their own countries. I would welcome all who want to immigrant to the U.S. by going through the proper procedures to get permission to enter our country and enter our citizenship program to become Americans.
I would empower The boarder states to use their National Guard,Air Guard,to defend their board from damage to person or property of U.S. Citizen.
As President I would not wast American tax payer money going on a world wide tour to apologies for the pass sin of the United States. In stead I would try to promote good will to the world community by lending a helping Hand to our allies when in need ,and help the less fortune countries with out over extending our country financial well being.
I would never apologies to other nations for our principles of law,justice ,freedom that are expresses in our countries Declaration Of Independence , our Constitution, our Bill of Wrights. I would do every thing in my power to protect these principle from domestic and foreign .
I would not consider a nation to be an ally of the U.S. or give them special nation status to a country that jails or kills people because of their ethnic race or religious beliefs,or political beliefs.

Well here are just a few of my political view on some of the chances that need to be made in america if our nation is going to ever get on the road to recovery.
If anyone knows how to get me on the presidential race ballot as an alternative candidate, go ahead and do it.
It is time to take a stand against self serving politician ,who are squandering the future of America so when the ship sinks they wont be with out a life boat but the rest of us will be.

Remember to vote for me this coming November.

Written by Stephen J. Vattimo Sept 22,2012

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