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Juba Adventures
   Sat Aug 18, 2012 5:25 am

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Juba Adventures

Permanent Linkby jandreart on Sat Aug 18, 2012 5:25 am

It’s as if everyone has returned from a long holiday and the children are back at school, with traffic in Juba Town chaotic. Not the madness of Nairobi or Kabul, but for this part of the world it’s crazy. Up past the hospital, they now have Traffic Control wardens, complete with fluorescent vests, to move the taxi’s along who do their best to create road blocks wherever possible. Into this mix, the Chinese seem to have dumped a zillion motorcycles with new pilots weaving across the road as they try and balance on two wheels for the first time, grabbing at the throttle in panic, only to find this makes them go faster! All this the result of fuel being available. I don’t imagine my unmarked vehicle will stay this way for very long!

All the bits for the apartment arrived safely after their marathon travel. The cupboard looks spiffy with its couple of Villeroy & Bosch mugs, two tumblers and new ultra slick pan. The aroma from the fresh Nespresso coffee, heady.

Woke a bit after three a...

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Juba Adventures

Permanent Linkby jandreart on Mon Jul 16, 2012 3:45 am

Adventure to Juba
29th June 12
The call of a coucal to greet me at the office, very special.

As soon as we get on top of one crises with the refugees, another rears its head. Flood waters from the Ethiopian mountains has started to arrive in the low lying area where the refugee camps are situated. After all, why would you agree to a refugee camp on prime land??! Doesn’t take much to imagine the impact of a combination of water logged pit latrines and low level tents. Movement along the roads is about 2km per hour, when they can move at all.

Of course, wearing a white shirt, I have a tomato splotch from dinner.

Fraud, falsified letters of credit and black listed Chinese contractors a few of the niggling issues to deal with, amongst the $1 million hole in operational budget expenditure that needs to be sorted. I managed to complete by Cornell University Strategic Leadership course, with a few excellent ratings and the unusual comment that ‘the internal logic of my thought process was eas...

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