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My first blog
Hey yall here's my first blog I Really like to write about art topics so here's some fundamental color theory.

When it comes to a hand painted mural you can rest assured that it will be colorful. When you paint murals they will have a lot of colors in them. The great thing about colors is that is their is so many to choose from. At this day and age almost any color you want it can be created. When painting was first getting started they didn't have to many choices of colors to choose from, because the pigments weren’t all developed yet. When it comes to murals in the present times you have a wide variety of colors. You also have a wide variety of tools to use.
When using colors it helps to have a understanding of the color theory. Your first set are primary colors Yellow, Red and Blue. These are the basic set of colors that all other colors come from. The next set of colors are Orange, Purple and Green. These are referred to the Secondary colors. When you mix the Primary colors together you will end up with the Secondaries. The other color you can make is Brown and that is made by mixing all three primaries together. The last set of options it to use Black and White. With all these tools you will have access to any color you desire.

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- February 2012
A new year
   Wed Feb 15, 2012 8:43 pm

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A new year

Permanent Linkby Toronto Muralists on Wed Feb 15, 2012 8:43 pm

2012 has arrived, This year is posed to be a real good year. I have been blogging a lot more and finding a lot of great interesting new web sites. ASC is a great example of one of these great web sites. In this day and age we have so many resource's for art or really anything you choose to do. I have only been a member of ASC for a short time but already have seen a wide range of artistic talent form beginners to artists in their prime. A community like this is very helpful, you only have to spend a short amount of time trolling around until something neat pops up. One really great site that I found that I would like to share with this community is a blogging site about great art history. I haven't even begun to scrape the surface of this site. This is a great resource for any one looking for great topics on art history. http://www.mastersdegree.net/blog/2011/50-best-art-history-blogs/comment-page-1/#comment-9215

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